Success at the New Job (and the old one)

You’re hired. It’s a new job in a new company. It’s both scary and exciting. Success in this position will be a great career move. Here are 18 tips from Springborn Staffing to help you do just that!

Strictly Personal Stuff
1. Be on time and alert – every day.
2. Take care of yourself. Eat right. Sleep enough. Get exercise. You will perform better.
3. Dress according to your position.
4. Update your LinkedIn Profile

Connecting with CoWorkers
5. Know your company – know the history – know the management – know your coworkers. It makes a difference.
6. Accept invitations. Be proactive about the “bonding” process.
7. Treat everyone with respect – yes – everyone. Ask people how they want to be addressed – it’s respectful and appreciated.
8. Pay attention to the social order among staff – by being observant, you can quickly learn the rules of the game and the best maneuvers.
9. Take time to understand the roles and expectations of each person who was involved in your interview – they were there for a reason, and you need to know what it is.
10. Be nice in the process and you will build friends, rather than create conflict.

Professional Performance
11. Prove yourself – you were hired because of what you said you could do – now do it.
12. Ask for help – in a way that indicates your knowledge and that you are motivated to do the job well.
13. Regardless of how it was done at your previous job – this is the new job – learn their way of doing things.
14. Take initiative – if something needs to be done and you are capable – -make the time to do it. Of course, keep your time and accomplishments aligned with the company priorities.
15. Do the documenting – nobody else wants the job – they’ll remember that you did it – you will learn a lot if you skim while you document.
16. Be dependable – Build up a sense of trustworthiness by your actions, by keeping your word, by delivering.
17. Be a leader – in attitude and actions – even at entry-level.
18. Work hard – that’s why you are getting paid.

If you follow these guidelines – you will succeed – we guarantee it. Need help connecting to a new job? Springborn Staffing specializes in recognizing talent – hard skills, soft skills, attitudes – everything that matters. We match that talent with great companies. Contact us today, connect with a new position, and learn more about succeeding in your career.

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