Revving up your Resume

Your resume is an ongoing work of art. You don’t drive your car without regular oil changes or replacing the battery, spark plugs, tires, etc. You take care of your car, so it lasts you a long time and doesn’t leave you stranded. Resumes are the same – you need to refresh/update them consistently, so they serve you well in your professional development and long-term career goals.

Tips for Updating Your Resume
• Keep an ongoing file – where you make note of anything that you want to add to your resume – an award, employee bonus, a special accomplishment, class completion, etc.
• Once a month, clean out any deadwood and add whatever is pertinent. For example, perhaps you made note of a project you were leading. If the project is now complete, it’s time to list it as an achievement, “Lead the installation of XYZ software and saved the company $$$.”
• Pay attention to ongoing hot jobs and change the wording of your skills, and achievements to fit. (while remaining accuracy and integrity, of course)
• Rewrite as needed to adjust the length, replace bland descriptions for more enticing script, re-word into current jargon, etc.
• Never end an updating session without proofreading for grammar/spelling errors or typos.
• Complete and annual overhaul – where you make layout and design changes, as well as informational ones. Keeping your resume’s initial appearance attractive is an important part of the process.

Benefits of Updating Your Resume

• Personal value: Updating your resumes reminds you of your professional value and build your confidence in your marketability.
• Reflect current marketability: By keeping track of your accomplishments, continued education and increased responsibilities as they happen, you can present them to align with whatever skills are currently hot. Furthermore, if you update info when it happens, it’s easier to present it accurately
• Be ready when opportunity knocks: People often hear about an open position through their networking grapevine. If you have your resume ready, you greatly increase your chances of getting your foot in the door first – increasing your edge over other candidates.

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