You Don’t have to Drink Your Energy

Caught ya – you are probably as guilty as the rest of us – depending on that cup of coffee to get you going in the morning or that energy drink to get you through your afternoon slump! The American reality is this: Most of us are too busy. Instead of using technology as a friend, we use it to try and accomplish more in every 24. We go to be late – get up early and never stop moving in between – well just long enough to grab another coffee, power drink, or energy bar.

Are you ready to change – to enjoy your life without having to “buzz up?”

Then stop, take a deep breath, and do a little self-evaluation. What are the culprits in your life – those habits that have gotten you to this point? Those habits that suck Your energy level dry and leave you gasping for a boost.

Work Habits:
• Do you procrastinate?
• Do you fail to keep your commitments?
• Are you tied to your email and social media?
• Do you insist on perfection?
• Do you fail to express appreciation?

If you’re guilty as charged, consider this:
• Prioritizing your tasks, and then taking care of them immediately, gives you more energy for the next responsibility. Furthermore, many tasks, when put off, create unnecessary extra work later. (For example, you needed to mow the lawn on Tuesday – you waited until Thursday – and now you have to mow it plus rake the excess.)
• Making glib promises – or even earnest ones – and then failing to keep them is just another form of procrastination, usually the result of over-commitment. Taking the time to honestly evaluate your schedule before committing and living within the realms of a realistic picture of what you can accomplish, reduces stress and increases your energy
• Technology is wonderful, but learning to control it is even better. Checking your email at designated times reduces interruptions and increases productivity. Avoiding screen time the last 30 minutes before shut-eye time ensures better sleep.
• Face it; no one – absolutely no one is perfect. Going for excellence, instead of perfection, is an attainable goal and far less defeating.
• Focusing on the negative is an energy drain, but guess what happens when you foster an attitude of appreciation – for the people in your life, as well as all the good things you enjoy. The more you appreciate what you have, the less you focus on what you don’t. The more you give, the more you receive.

Recognizing pesky work habits and changing them for energy-inducing choices will make a difference – almost immediately, but that isn’t the entire picture. There are also mental habits, as well as health ones. Return to the Springborn Staffing blog next week for part two of “you Don’t have to Drink Your Energy.

Springborn Staffing cares about making a difference for our candidates and clients. That’s why we offer helpful hints and tips for creating positive change. It’s also why we are committed to matching the best talent with the best companies in Portland and Bangor, Maine. Contact us today or, better yet, bring your new found energy in for a visit. We look forward to meeting you and helping your business or your career grow.

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