You Don’t Have to Drink Your Energy – Part II

In last week’s blog – You Don’t have to Drink Your Energy – Part I, we talked about America’s caffeine-for-energy habit. We discussed work habits and ways to build energy in more positive ways. Today we continue on the topic by discussing health and mental habits.

Health Habits:

  • Have you “given up” on exercise?
  • Do you try to make it on less five or six hours of sleep?
  • Do you skip breakfast, in the name of time, and grab a high-carb breakfast substitute?
  • Do you ride the bus instead of walk, take the elevator instead of stairs, etc.?
  • Do you fail to drink enough water?

Most of these habits creep up on us over time, but the truth is:

  • A daily cardio routine actually builds our energy.
  • If you get seven – eight hours of sleep every night, you will get more done in less time and come out ahead.
  • Sitting down for fifteen minutes and eating a healthy protein dense, complex carb breakfast, can give our energy more than enough boost to “make up” that fifteen minutes.
  • Choosing to walk, climb, etc. when we can, keeps us in better shape, connects us more to the world around us, and lifts our spirits – all of which has a positive impact on our energy.
  • Good ol’ H2O flushes toxins from our system, keeps our brain in gear and indirectly bumps up our energy. Those 10 eight-ounce glasses per/day that the doctor ordered make a difference.

 Mental Habits

  • Do your fret over if only’s and what if’s, worrying incessantly?
  • Do you spend so much effort maintaining an image of “everything is ok” that you lose the real you?
  • Do you focus on the negative?
  • Do you pour yourself out without taking the time to refuel?
  • Do you resist change?

Sure, we all do some of these, some of the time, but let’s face it – every single one depletes our energy. The truth is:

  • We can’t change the past (if only’s), but when we learn from it and grow – it gives our energy a boost. Neither can we change the future (what if’s) by worrying, but when we take action against potential issues, we gain purpose, anticipation and a renewed zip for life.
  • Of course, professionalism means presenting a well-kept positive picture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be honest with family and friends – often, honest transparency frees us to overcome the battle and move on.
  • Yep, hard stuff happens, but a positive attitude gives us greater energy to respond and grow.
  • Giving your all is great for the boss, your family, your friends, but if you don’t refuel, your “all” will quickly become “not much.” Taking time for rest, refreshment, and building will give you more energy for future demands.
  • Change is part of life and growth. Resisting it depletes energy while accepting and embracing it will give you a boost for life.

A cup of hot coffee when you rise and shine can be a great way to start your day. And who doesn’t appreciate a little bottled energy on those days with extra overload, but when we become dependent on it every day – often more than once, it’s probably time to discover better choices. Let’s focus on better sources for true energy.

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