Traits of the Great . . .

Part III – Information Technology Specialists

Information Technology Specialists are a hot item in the ongoing war for top talent, but that doesn’t mean every IT guy or gal is guaranteed their dream position. Companies want – and need – more than a title; they are seeking candidates who exhibit the following traits and skills.

Analytical, Problem Solver, Trouble Shooter: It doesn’t matter which name you call it, employers want IT candidates who can diagnose a situation, recognize the problems and needs, evaluate the options, and discern the best solution, and then implement it efficiently and effectively.

Detail Oriented: When it comes to technology, computers, etc. even the tiniest detail can throw a program out of sync. A top-notch IT specialist pays attention to the details and discovers the glitches.

Communication Skills: Although IT Specialists often work alone; they are also part of a team. They need to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively with their teammates, their manager, as well as clients. A successful IT candidate may quickly and automatically jump from Step A to Step Z, but they must be able to explain every step in between to their non-IT client – patiently and respectfully.

Technical Writer: In addition to verbal communication (which includes listening), Great IT talent has mastered the art of technical writing. Once again, they must be able to share easily-understood information and instructions – this time in writing – to their less than techy coworkers and clients.

Versatility: Technology is a part of every industry. Even though they may focus on one particular industry, top IT talent does well to have an across- the-board aptitude for science, math, business, and finance.

Coachable, teachable, adaptable: Technology is constantly changing and developing new programs, tools, capabilities, etc. IT Specialists must be committed to learning and growing with the changes. Multiple certifications have become the norm, rather than the elite.

Passionate, Creative, and innovative: IT Specialists who are passionate about their role and committed to the big picture while taking care of the details are a powerful addition to any team. They have an eye for invention, perceiving what is needed, and then creating innovative solutions.

Emotional Intelligence: Many employers would say that emotional intelligence is the glue that holds all the above skills and traits together. Being able to monitor your emotion as well as other members of your team and your clients, and then use this information to guide thinking and make appropriate behavior choices is an essential trait for a successful IT career. Furthermore, IT Specialists who have a high EI tend to be more adept at critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership.

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