Holiday Tidbits from Springborn Staffing

Poinsettia Beauties – for Brightening your Decor
Poinsettias have been making Maine beautiful for the holidays since the mid 1800s. An exotic plant native to Central America, it was brought into the states by Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, America’s first ambassador to Mexico and the founder of the national science and art institute, which became the Smithsonian Institution. Originally called the painted leaf or Mexican fire plant, it was named the Poinsettia in honor of Dr. Poinsett in 1836. The poinsettia’s bright red and white colors quickly made it a popular choice for the Christmas holidays. Following these tips for their care will keep them blooming for the entire season and longer.
• 65 – 70 degrees F during daylight hours
• 60 degrees F during the night
• Natural light is essential
• Display your poinsettia in front of a sunny window
• Keep some space between the plant and the window pane
• Allow soil to become dry to touch before watering
• Use room temperature water and water until soil feels moist
• Don’t allow the plant to sit in dish of water

Soul Beauties – for Brightening your Spirits
In the rush of shopping, baking, decorating, parties, and last minute work deadlines, we can often feel overwhelmed and stressed out at Christmas. Not to mention the typical family tensions that may arise. Following these tips will help you enjoy the holidays before they overrun your emotional health.
• Take time each day to express gratefulness – for anything from a hot breakfast to a child’s laughter or discovering the perfect gift
• Take time to say thank you – to someone for something you tend to take for granted
Take care of you:
• Say yes to less – better to enjoy a few activities than be stressed out over many.
• Balance those extra sweets with protein and veggies; guard your rest and do little things for exercise, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
Take time for “Christmas”:
• Pause and absorb the beauty of holiday decorations
• Inhale the “smells” of Christmas
• Sing those once-a-year holiday songs

Foodie Beauties – for Blessing Friends and Family
Simple ideas for making your favorite people feel a little more special.
Hot Pepper Jelly & Cream Cheese
• Place a 3oz. square of cream cheese on a holiday plate.
• Pour hot pepper jelly (or any jelly that tickles your palate)
• Serve with crackers.
Peppermint Twist
• Serve candy canes as stirrers with hot chocolate or coffee.
• It adds a zest of perk-you-up peppermint.
Cheesy Ham Roll-ups
• Roll out a tube of crescent rolls – push seems together.
• Place shaved ham slices over dough
• Sprinkle with your favorite shredded cheese.
• Roll up, cut in slices, and lay on cookie sheet.
• Bake according to package directions for a quick and easy snack.

Above all, best wishes to all our clients, candidates, and associates. Merry Christmas from the staff at Maine’s leading staffing firm – Springborn Staffing.

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