Building Strong Company Teams

In a recent blog, we discussed the traits of team players, but that’s only half of the picture. Management carries responsibility too – in creating a workplace environment that encourages healthy teams and happy players. So . . . what are the key components that lead to a productive team atmosphere?

• Ensure that everyone has all the information they need to not only complete their task but also to understand how those tasks fit into the big picture.
• Keep everyone abreast of project schedules and progress.
• Provide regular feedback to individuals and groups working together.
• Listen to your people. Address issues. Respond to needs. Seek their input.
• Encourage consistent communication between team members.

Nurture Relationships
• Offer team-building activities.
• Be interested – respect privacy, of course, but take the time to know your employees’ personal side.
• Set the pace for building trust among the team.

Create a Positive Environment
• Make recognition a part of your style.
• Express appreciation to individuals and the team.
• Reward their work.
• Provide coffee and healthy snacks. If a project requires a late night, provide supper.
• Take breaks and encourage the occasional “fun times.”

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles
• Healthy employees make better employees – provide encouragement and opportunity for them to invest in their health.
• Sponsor walk-a-thons, a company sports team, etc.
• Offer healthy choices in the break room and cafeteria.
• Offer flexibility to enhance work-life balance.
• Insist on vacations.

Provide Opportunities for Career Growth
• Offer workshops and mini training seminars.
• Reward participation in webinars or conferences.
• Pay a portion – or all – of pertinent continuing education classes.
• Challenge employees with responsibilities that stretch them.
• Don’t micromanage.
• Encourage innovation and reward effort, even when an idea flops.

Build a Give-Back Company Brand
• Give your employees a reason to be proud of where they work.
• Give back to your community.
• Provide ways that employees can be involved in the giving. For example, food drives, coaching a Little League team that the company sponsors, participating as a company in Habitat for Humanity, or supporting a local community event.

Creating an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, encourages team players, and builds community connections reaps a high ROI in both productivity and talent retention. Take the time – it’s worth it!

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