Career Management

Success is often swifter and sweeter to those who take the time to manage their careers; to be proactive in setting and intentionally meeting their professional and personal objectives. It doesn’t happen in a day, of course, or a week, month or year. Career management is an on-going strategy that involves self-discipline and commitment, but the ROI is high. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Create Your Career Profile
• Identify your key skills (hard and soft), knowledge, qualifications, and experience
1. How does each of these elements interconnect?
2. Can they be better labeled to solidify the connection?
3. Are there gaps in your skills, education, or experience?
4. Do you have skills that aren’t being used?
• Evaluate Your current position and responsibilities
1. Do you enjoy your work?
2. Is it interesting and fulfilling?
3. If yes, what can you do to enhance growth?
4. If no, what don’t you like and what kind of changes do you want to make?

Determine a Plan of Action
• Are you focusing on forward growth in your present field or changing your course?
• Are there opportunities within the company you work for or do you need to move on?
• Do you need additional training or certification?
• If you are changing direction, which of your current skills, experience, etc. should be highlighted in your new profile?
• What leadership skills will be needed?
• What is an appropriate timeline, and budget, for meeting goals?

Choose your Specialty
• What skills area do you want to focus on, develop, and market, as you sell yourself professionally?
• What are you doing that people believe only you can do?
• What do people say when they talk about you?
• What area of your professional skills, experience, and qualifications bring you the most satisfaction? The most connections?
• What skills do you have that will continue to be in high demand – and even increase.

Develop a Personal Marketing Plan
• Does your LinkedIn profile best define who you are and where you’re headed or do you need an overhaul?
• Does your Resume highlight the skills and experience that best connect with your career goals and objectives?
• Do you have attractive business cards that instantly define who you are professionally?
• Can you effectively deliver a clear, concise, and captivating elevator pitch that intrigues the listener and instantly sparks their interest in hiring you?
• Have you considered creating a personal website and posting blogs tied to your industry?

Don’t Forge Ahead Alone – Seek Guidance
• Consider your professional network – is there someone in your current field, or new if changing direction, someone you can go to for advice?
• Attend professional events and get involved in online discussions where you can glean wisdom from those who are well-established.
• Find a mentor – someone you can consistently meet with who will hold you accountable.

Don’t skip personal goals. An individual development plan should always be well-rounded. As you assess your professional path and make changes accordingly, remember to choose one that not only fulfills your professional objectives but also ensures time for personal growth and satisfaction.

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