Top 6 Skillsets for Office Staff

Working in an office is no different than any other position – to succeed takes commitment and soft skills, as well as the right education, training, and experience.  Every office, from banking, finance, and insurance, to law firms, medical offices, or education and more, whether for-profit or nonprofit, needs qualified staff to keep the business running smoothly. If you’re seeking an office position, focus on building the following skills. (And if you are seeking to fill a position in your office, then these are the skills to watch for in potential candidates).


This is a given. The office staff is often the primary point of contact with customers and employees. They must be able to relate to diverse personalities with grace and finesse. including times of conflict resolution. From listening skills to correctly interpreting body language to being able to express critical information clearly, office staff needs to excel in communicating. They need a “phone voice” as well as being adept as email, and all forms of social media. They must be capable of writing – precisely and professionally -with a range of programs and in a wide array of voices, from formal to casual.


From basic computer literacy, including Microsoft word, Excel, data entry, spreadsheets, and general IT tasks to managing complex, industry-specializes software, it imperative that clerical workers have a wide range and depth of computer skills. This includes basic troubleshooting of office equipment.

Finance Management

While it may not apply to every position, many office roles include bookkeeping, invoicing, budgeting, and accounting. In some cases, it can include QuickBooks, payroll, and petty cash. If an office position includes the handling of finances, candidates not only need the necessary software and organizational skills but also be trustworthy. They must have a track record of integrity and the ability to maintain confidentiality.

Organizational Skills

An ability to organize material items, as well as schedules, people, and tasks is imperative. They need the insight to foresee potential issues and have a plan of action ready. In addition to being savvy at making plans, they must also be flexible and adaptable to the situation when those carefully-laid plans are unexpectedly changed. Organizational skills include the ability to be detail oriented, while also seeing the big picture.

Analytical/Problem Solver

Ideal office talent is able to identify problems or even just inefficiencies, and then not only determine the best solution but also enact upon it.

People Skills

The ability to relate to others, understanding their perspective, and expressing empathy for their positon is crucial in office workers. Knowing how to set personal boundaries, as well respecting the boundaries of others is a must. An upbeat attitude, team spirit, and even a sense of humor play a role in maintaining a positive office culture and superior customer service.

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