8 Reasons They Turned You Away

Sometimes finding that perfect position is difficult – you keep getting turned away, and you don’t understand why. Here’s some insight from Springborn Staffing.

1. You aren’t the right person for the job: Face it – you may be a great asset for many companies, but that doesn’t mean you’re the right man/woman for every position in your field. Sometimes you just don’t fit – or you do, but someone else fit a little bit better.

2. You didn’t read the job description: Your resume was scintillating and compelling, but it didn’t align with the job description. Besides not being right for the job, the hiring manager doesn’t want someone who can’t/won’t follow basic protocol. Read the job description and apply for an appropriate position.

3. You haven’t mastered the art of presentation: Ok, so you are right for the job – in fact, you’re a perfect fit, but they don’t know it because your presentation lacks punch. You didn’t include a cover letter, you highlighted the wrong aspects, and you certainly didn’t customize your resume to their job description. If you suspect that this is the case – get professional help with your resume.

4. You didn’t follow directions: Yes, it’s all about who you know, but if the job posting says to contact Bob, then contact Bob – not Sally, Sue, or John. Sure if you know someone who will hand deliver your resume to Bob or call and put in a word of endorsement – go for it, but ensure that your resume lands exactly where they said to send it.

5. Your “social media support” is missing: Your resume was fantastic, but when they checked you out online:
• Your LinkedIn profile was bland – no power, no activity,
• Your Tweets didn’t match up professionally
• Your Facebook presented an entirely different personality than your resume

6. Your contact info was out-of-date: You would be surprised how often this happens. The resume revealed a candidate with high potential, but the contact info was no longer valid. They forgot to update their email or made a typo in their phone number. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

7. There isn’t any job: It happens. A company advertises for a position, and then something goes wrong, budgets are tightened, and hiring comes to a grinding halt.

8. It just didn’t happen: Sometimes, you can’t pinpoint a reason. You read the job description. You customized your resume. You contacted the correct party. You even had an inside connection. On top of that, your education, skills, experience, and personality made you a perfect choice, but it didn’t happen. Sometimes, you just have to accept it and move on, believing in yourself and your destiny.

Tired of being turned away? Contact Springborn Staffing today. As Maine’s leading direct-hire and temporary staffing agency, we make it easier to find great work. We know Maine employers – really well – what kind of people they hire, what it’s like to work there. Often we have an inside track to jobs before they are even posted. We specialize in connecting you with the best position for you.

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