Security Snapshots

In your concern over cybersecurity, don’t overlook the basics. Property theft and vandalism still happen. Security cameras are an essential part of “best practices” for most businesses, due to their ability to capture clear images and videos. In the event of a break-in, vandalism, or even illegal in-house activity (which can include data breaches, etc.), the footage from your security cameras can prove to be invaluable. Unfortunately, the criminal party understands that all too well and will often attempt to disable said camera(s). It’s imperative to take steps to “secure” your security camera! As we move closer to holiday shopping days and unfortunately, an increase of vandalism and break-ins, here are some tips from Springborn Staffing to help you do just that.

Use a casing for each security camera that has a high IK rating. The top rating is IK10, which means the camera casing can withstand an impact equivalent to a 5kg mass dropped from 400 mm above the impacted surface. In other words, this helps to protect your camera from attempts to knock out the camera before the criminal activity.

If possible, place the camera at an elevation of 15-20 feet to prevent, or at least significantly decrease, the chance of a would be criminal blocking or damaging the camera. This is reasonably easy for outdoor cameras, but inside can be a different story. If you don’t have high ceilings, elevate your camera as high as possible and in a place that is difficult to assess.

Place a camera – or several- in easily-spotted places. Your customers will feel more secure, and would-be criminals/vandals will be more easily deterred from choosing your place of business for their activities.

Place additional cameras in hidden locations – and keep the information about those locations under wraps, even from employees. This is your backup security for those wizards who find creative ways to avoid the camera in sight. Be careful to choose the locations and angles that cover the most area and catch the best picture, of course, or this is all a moot point.

Frankly, the folks here at Springborn Staffing hope you never need to view the footage on those cameras, but if you do, it pays to have them secure and working. Meanwhile, it also pays to keep your employee roster full and productive. Springborn Staffing is your staffing friend. As Maine’s leading staffing firm, we match clients and candidates all year long. Contact us today – for advice and for the talent you need.

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