Beating the Holiday Money Crunch with Springborn

Most people get excited about the holiday season. Celebrating family traditions, spending time away from work with those you care about—these are enjoyable things. But not so much if you worry about the stress crunch on your wallet?

If you are concerned about finances, it is difficult to be happy about the holidays. Gifts for the family, parties with friends, special food expenses and transportation costs can mount quickly.

So, what can you do to avoid financial stress during this time meant for joy? Plan ahead.

  • Prepare a budget to reduce impulse spending and stick to it.
  • Make a list of needs vs. wants.
  • Plan shopping trips ahead of time to reduce fuel costs.
  • Divide the list according to what you will pay for with credit cards such as travel costs vs. cash and don’t lose sight of those delayed expenses.
  • Determine who might receive a handmade vs. a purchased gift.
  • Consider inviting others to bring food items, so you aren’t tasked with the work and expense for an entire meal.
  • Offer to set up new traditions such as “secret Santa” instead of individual gifts.

Aside from these tips, perhaps the most helpful of all would be to enlist the help of a staffing agency to find a seasonal or part-time temporary position.

A seasonal job will allow you to earn enough not only to dodge a financial crunch, but also you might avoid dipping into your existing family budget altogether.

However, if a seasonal job is your choice, remember to start early.

  • Hiring for the holiday season usually begins in September – so do it differently in 2018 – but don’t give up now – many places still have a spot.
  • Know what kind of job you’d like: retail, food service, packaging, or delivery, are some industries to consider.
  • As at any job interview, be professional and show you are serious about part-time or temporary work.
  • Be flexible as you can. Employers often need people to “jump in” or “switch gears” quickly when the situation warrants.
  • Have a “can-do” attitude. Positivity is always attractive.
  • Register with a staffing agency such as Springborn They are professionals who have job vacancies to fill for which you may be the perfect candidate.

Looking for temp, temp-to-hire, or permanent work? At Springborn, we make it easier to find great work. We know Maine employers – really well – what kind of people they hire, what it’s like to work there. Often we know about jobs before they are even posted.

Contact us today and discover the benefit of being connected to Maine’s leading staffing firm.


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