Email: It’s Good for Business

Yes, your company should consistently post blogs, maintain a Facebook page and tweet a repertoire of info bites, but these social media marvels have not replaced email – they’ve enhanced it. Email marketing is not a bygone of the past – it’s a backbone of today.

Why Email Reigns

  • It’s convenient and universal – everyone has email. Regardless of what other platforms a potential recipient has (or has not), they have email. No need to spend time deciphering which platform they use – just send an email
  • It offers a higher level of personal control and protection of your data.
  • It keeps a paperless, easily-searched record of your B2B and Business to Consumer contacts.
  • While other platforms – Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. – don’t interact with each other, they all connect to your email.  
  • It’s a successful marketing tool. According to an Inbound Marketing post by Erikson Corbin,

“Inbound marketing puts the focus on the user, it attracts them to your site, converts them into leads, and nurtures them into loyal customers.”

And where is your source for email marketing? From all the clients who contacted you via your website – through email, of course.

  • Email can be personalized – which increases the ROI of your marketing investment.
  • Email allows you to send a message to a mega group of recipients while keeping each name private.
  • On an average, people check their email more than 70 times per/day. Furthermore, a quality CRM database will what time frame each day your emails had the most open, click-through, and conversion rates.

Ways to Use Email

  • Promote and Advertise: Whether you’re reaching new or existing clients, emails are an excellent tool to share product information, announce new products and promote services.
  • Post A Job Opening: Send key professionals in your network an announcement of your new job opening. It may very well open the door to a passive top-level candidate.
  • Send a Newsletter: Email newsletters are your relationship-building tool for maintaining connection an increasing brand awareness with your current clients. Share helpful articles, as well as company news. Hold contests, offer opportunities, etc.
  • Say Hello: Emails are a great way to personally welcome newcomers, whether in response to their contact through your website, a visit to your business, or even a new employee.
  • Share Testimonials: Reinforce the value of your company, product, or services by sharing testimonials.

Tips for Successful Emails

  • Know your market and target a specific audience.
  • Use an attention-grabbing subject line, but be straightforward – your recipients will not appreciate false draws.
  • Use images – they increase the percentage of recipients who read the whole email
  • Go for brevity – say a lot with a little – give value to your recipients time by sharing a “big” message in a “short” time.
  • If you are making an offer – be clear.
  • If you’re sharing information – make it relevant.
  • Close with a call to action.

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