Building Effective Teams – Part II

In our last blog, we discussed two pillars of effective team building – emotional intelligence and the energy, engagement, and exploration factors of communication. While these are crucial aspects, each member’s personality type as well as their knowledge, skills, and experience, are also critical.

Personality Type

Studies of high-performance teams reveal that a balance of distinct psychological (personality type) roles as a primary requirement is critical. In addition, each team member must be adept at not only recognizing the differences between people but also be able to appreciate them and overcome the negative aspect of each type. According to the Hogan Report, these five psychological/personality types include the following:

  • Results-oriented: Socially self-confident, competitive, and energetic individuals who naturally organize and lead. They are results oriented members who make things happen.
  • Relationship-focused. These individuals are the glue – relationally-motivated individuals who are warm and friendly, diplomatic, approachable, and attuned to the feelings of the rest of the team. They look after the social and emotional needs of the team.
  • Process and rule followers. The conscientious “facts and figures” members who everyone depends on to focus on the details and organize the processes, ensuring that the rules are followed and standards are met.
  • Innovative and disruptive thinkers. While they may take the team down a few rabbit trails, these team members are the imaginative, problem-predictors and solvers who look for different ways to view things and bring the power of innovative and creative juices to the mix.
  • Pragmatic. Another essential – the practical, level-headed members who bring stability and the voice of reason. They evaluate, analyze, and complete activities according to the plan and schedule.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

Finally, in the quest for emotional intelligence, communications abilities, and personality types, don’t slack off on genuine talent.  According to a Gregory Lewis blog post on LinkedIn, the top single in-demand hard skill for 2018 will be Cloud Computing.  The top four soft skills employers will be looking to hire for in 2018 include:

  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Time Management.

Of course, within these fields are many different angles and specific skills, but bottom-line – if you don’t have the experienced team members with the right knowledge and skills, then all the soft skills and right personality mixtures won’t be enough.

Bottom-line: Build your team with experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled individuals from a variety of personality types who are emotionally intelligent and adept at communication. Tall order? Absolutely! That’s why partnering with Springborn Staffing is the first step.

We understand the power of effective teams. As Maine’s premier staffing agency, we deliver best-in-class solutions for employers and superior career opportunities for talented job seekers. In other words, we create effective teams. Contact us today.


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