Hiring The Best IT Professional: 5 Crucial Characteristics

Due to the increased number of data hacks and cyber-attacks, many businesses are seeking to hire IT Professionals. When you decide to hire, don’t neglect these essential prerequisites. (Note: We are not referring to computer equipment repair, for which a field technician is sufficient.)

Characteristics of The IT Professional

  1. Adaptable Communicator: A candidate should be able to communicate clearly to any level of staff, including management. In addition, they should possess the skills necessary to articulate clearly to both technical, and non-technical staff.

For instance, when a technical term or acronym such as “OOP” is used while speaking to the technical team members, he/she must realize that speaking with a layperson is a different story. Explanations must accompany technical terms, and industry jargon should be avoided.


  1. The Warrior: Your candidate must be prepared for battle; Cyber-war is here and in full force. Like a physician, this person must be up-to-date with the latest technology either through seminars, webinars, or continuing education programs.

Every day hackers around the world implant new viruses into digital environments. By staying up to date on the latest invasions, and threats, the professional has the knowledge to identify and eradicate the infection.


  1. Credentials: It’s wise to hire someone with a four-year degree in the field of technology, with a strong history of field experience. These credentials show that this person is capable of protecting and maintaining your digital environment.


  1. Call for On-Call:  Network updates, backups and maintenance often occur off hours, a time when the least amount of staff is present. The employee must be willing to put in the required hours to do the job, which most likely will include extended hours as well as weekend work. In fact, it’s often advisable to hire more than one IT Professional so that when a crisis occurs, the designated professional is available.


  1. Personality: Friendliness and approachability are good qualities all employees should possess. A staff member who is likable, and can blend well with the company’s culture is crucial. An unapproachable attitude prevents an employee from seeking help; consequently, work productivity is affected.


If you have decided to retain an IT professional for your business, you are making a good choice.  Most companies who make this choice realize the need to protect their data, and their clients’ personal information safe, and secure. In addition to safety, files, updates, and backups will be routinely maintained, and policies can be implemented and enforced by someone who is knowledgeable about network systems.


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