Implementing Quality Management

Establishing your company brand as “the one,” or in other words, the brand that becomes the benchmark for comparison is a challenging journey. Reality is that few companies attain that status. With diligence and commitment, however, every company has the opportunity to establish their brand as one that invites trust and radiates quality. These guidelines provide insight to assist you.

Create a Plan

Defining what you want to accomplish and how you will achieve it is vital. Creating a “process map” will establish:

  • Company priorities: Your company mission should be more than well-crafted words on your website – make it the pattern and measuring mark for all your decisions and processes.
  • Principles for company growth: Make a plan for company growth based on integrity, sound ethics, reliable processes, and satisfied customers.
  • Customer expectations: Every business has a “customer.” Define who your customer is, what they expect, and how you can not only meet those expectations but go a step further.
  • Quality objectives: Set the bar for quality and create a system for upholding your standards.
  • Specific requirements for training and levels of expertise: Know what experience each task requires and put it in writing (accurate job descriptions are a plus). Determine what training is a prerequisite to hiring and what you prefer to train on the job. Assign employee responsibilities based on skills, experience, and personality – it will ensure quality work and satisfied customers.
  • A Definition of nonconformance: Establishing what fits the company goals and standards is essential, but so is recognizing what defines nonconformance. Establish guidelines for responding when adverse situations arise, and following through, is critical to a successful program.
  • Communication process: Without clear-cut communication plans – the who, when, what, how, style, etc. – everything else will come to naught.

 Enact the Plan

Once you have established your plan of action, it’s essential to expect and insist upon compliance. Follow the steps to completion – doing what you planned, only what you planned, and following your guidelines. Note: some situations will arise that prove a different course is necessary, but when circumstances seem to indicate a change of action, carefully evaluate before making the switch. Neither continual exceptions nor a dogmatic refusal to deviate is in the company’s best interest.

  • Track your performance – Measure your progress – Are you on schedule? Are you meeting quality objectives? Are your employees assigned to the appropriate position?
  • Define new performance benchmarks – Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself and your staff. Provide incentives for increased productivity and quality of performance. Reinforce your commitment to excellence and achieve better results.
  • Look for improvement opportunities in your data by identifying trends, patterns, or correlations. Understanding and acting appropriately on trends allows organizations to stay at the forefront of innovation. Choose opportunities that will make a significant difference. Continuous improvement results in optimization of the organization.
  • Be wise – know when the bar has reached its limits – continually pushing your staff beyond limits generates burnout and negativity, creating its own cost.
  • Establish a management review, communication, and commitment process.


Following these documentation principles helps ensure that best practices are repeated, while mishaps aren’t. It enables you to look back at previous measurements, status, and baselines to encourage future growth

  • Document all aspects of the work you performed.
  • Record everything – including if something was done differently, or not at all.
  • Approve, review, and update documents in timely manner.
  • Confirm that documentation is identifiable and easily accessed.

Quality and trust require commitment, but the result is well worth the effort. Hiring the right people is an essential principle in making it happen. As Maine’s leading staffing company, the team at Springborn Staffing understands it. When you partner with us, you’ll find a level of hands-on consulting not found at typical temporary staffing agencies or temp-to-hire staffing agencies. Each of our recruiters is required to hold current certifications, and our services are 100% guaranteed. Contact us today.

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