Motivating a Multigenerational Workforce

Industry leaders and managers are responsible for a company’s bottom line. Staff productivity is a significant force behind a company’s success, and employee motivation is key to developing your star performers.

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Today’s workplace is evolving to accommodate the newest group of workers. Successful businesses recognize the differences between Millennials, Generation Zs and Baby Boomers and establish unique, motivational strategies for each. “One size does not fill all.” Companies need to understand each group and manage accordingly.

This chart reveals a few examples of generational differences:

Trait Generation
Leadership that inspires                                                             M-Z-B
Traditional Values                                                                           Z-B
Job Stability                                                                                    Z
Affinity for Technology                                                                M-Z
Boredom                                                                                         Z
Prefer person-to-person communication                                        Z-B
Prefer digital communication                                                       M
Prefer to work in groups                                                              M
Prefer autonomy                                                                             Z-B
Prefer diverse work environment                                                       B
Flexible                                                                                            Z
Confident                                                                                         Z-B
Embrace artificial intelligence                                                          Z
Prefer performance-based recognition                                        M-Z-B
Prefer to work for a company with a concise business strategy. M-Z-B

Keyword – Motivation

The new buzzword in employment management is motivation; when a manager can motivate employees, it’s a win-win for all – teams are happy and willing to go the extra mile, and companies meet or exceed their goals. Gallup reports that “Only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work”, an indicator that signals a need for improvement.
In addition, “Gallup estimates the cost of poor management and lost productivity from employees in the U.S. who are not engaged or actively disengaged to be between $960 billion and $1.2 trillion per year. The cost of lost time spent on traditional approaches to performance evaluations alone is estimated to range from $2.4 million to $35 million per year for a company with 10,000 employees.”

Leadership Tweaks to Motivate Staff

Improving your leadership style will produce positive results; if you begin with a few simple steps, your workplace culture will improve, and your staff will enjoy coming to work each day. Company events and recognition are important, though not effective long-term. Using a personal approach is a successful game plan that leads to ongoing, positive results. Test a few suggestions that follow.

• Build Relationship: Take time to build a relationship with staff, which will inspire leadership and motivate your team.
• Create a desirable workplace culture.
• Trust in your employees.
• Avoid micromanaging your staff.
• Communicate between managers and staff; make your workers part of the decision-making process, ask for suggestions, and keep them in the loop regarding company changes. Have regular one-on-ones to show your interest in staff.
• Establish an open-door policy. Allow workers to approach you and voice their complaints, input, and suggestions without fear or anxiety.
• Pay for talent. Re-evaluate your compensation policies.
• Maintain Safety: Reassure employees that you take their well-being seriously and it’s a top priority for your business.
• Give Recognition: Acknowledge a job well done and show your appreciation; it will foster a feel-good moment for the employee and all team members.
In summary, your employees are your key to success. Happy and motivated staff will go above and beyond if you understand what motivates each generation. Also, make your workplace culture one of appreciation, recognition, trust, and open communication.
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