Gratitude: The Positive Impact it has on Business

On a personal level, you understand the concept of gratefulness, but as a corporate leader, how do you practice gratitude in the workplace?

Studies show that businesses who implement a culture of employee gratitude are recipients of many benefits including an increase in employee motivation, a spike in production levels, and an overall elevation of mood.

Conversely, a business that motivates through fear experiences high and costly turnover, unhappy workers, and an office full of people who never go above and beyond or perform at their full potential. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and give this strategy a test drive. The results just may surprise you, but first, the psychological aspect of gratitude.

The Psychology Behind Gratitude 

In a recent article from Psychology Today, Alex Korb Ph.D. points to a study from the National Institute of Health (NIH), which examined the psychological effects of gratitude by monitoring blood flow in various brain segments. When introducing gratitude to their subjects, researchers saw higher activity levels in the hypothalamus, a section of the brain that controls eating, drinking, sleeping, metabolism and stress levels.

In addition, gratitude activates the brain‘s neurotransmitter, dopamine, or “the reward transmitter” that produces good feelings.

By showing employee appreciation, you make a positive impact on work performance, and the overall health and well being of employees.

Company Benefits

  • Increase in productivity: Studies reveal a direct boost in motivation and productivity following appreciative input from a supervisor.
  • Stronger employee relationships: This includes every angle; manager to worker, team member-to-team member, and staff to customers, vendors or clients.
  • Enhanced overall well-being: Appreciation stimulates dopamine, which results in less sick days and increased energy levels; optimism replaces
  • Reduced Stress: Work cultures where appreciation is expressed prove to be calmer and more resilient to the unavoidable glitches that occur.
  • Greater retention: Studies show that two out of every three employees were more likely to stay when management consistently express appreciation in words and in tangible ways.

Way to Show Employees Your Gratitude

There are several ways to show your appreciation beyond saying “thank you.” If you implement a gratitude program, your efforts must go beyond the annual holiday party or summer picnic. To achieve success, gratefulness must be your mantra to practice daily. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Niceties: Words of kindness go a long way but will have a more significant impact when you share them with the entire staff, your company, and clients and vendors who work with your business.
  2. Time: Reward hard workers with a surprise day off so they can enjoy “me time.”
  3. Training: Offering professional development opportunities shows an interest in their future.
  4. Money: Money is always welcome and especially when accompanied with a written note creates a powerful
  5. Advancement: Offer staff a chance to move up the ladder with new opportunities.

Showing gratitude has a profound impact on your staff, your departments, and your company. Several studies prove how gratefulness provides several benefits to organizations and employees. Gratitude increases a person’s physical and emotional health through better sleep habits, an increase in metabolism and a reduction in stress levels.

This is a win-win for your employees and a worthwhile investment in the future of your business.

At Springborn Staffing, we have a deep appreciation for our associates and our clients. Your are the reason we are in business. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.



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