5 Keys for Temp Worker Safety

Employers are responsible for the safety of all workers, regardless of their employment status. Your permanent employees already know the drill and follow safety protocols, but what about your temps? Do you have the necessary processes in place for this segment of your workforce? The following guidelines will help you ensure your working environment remains safe for your temp workers.

  1. Don’t cut corners on training: Training and related safety measures must be the same for temporary workers and full-time employees. Would you expect new full-time staff to be familiar with the lay of the land? Think of temp employees the same way.
  2. Risk assessment: Evaluate the hazards in your company and take measures to correct as necessary in compliance with OSHA standards.
  3. Training: Know the specific hazards staff can expect and plan how you will protect them at your site. Provide OSHA training that relates to hazard communication and record-keeping requirements. When appropriate, include instruction on proper use of PPE, as well as how to handle hazardous materials. Keep in mind that general training orientation for full-time staff and temporary workers must include the same content and duration.
  4. Emergency action plans: Your permanent laborers are familiar with how to report an injury. Ensure that your temporary workers are also educated about and familiar with policies and procedures. Go beyond task-specific safety protocol. All staff should have access to routine emergency plans for incidents such as fires, or life-threatening situations.
  5. Communication is Key: Keep your lines of communication open with the agency. Verify that expectations and safety duties are clear. If job responsibilities change, notify the agency. If an injury happens, contact them immediately.

To summarize, workplace safety is a serious matter and one that you must take seriously.  OSHA ‘s policies for permanent and seasonal workers will help guide you in creating your protocols. Establishing OSHA-Standard policies and following through protects workers from dangerous workplace hazards and protects your business from unnecessary legal action.

Safety is a priority at Springborn Staffing. We thoroughly cover our responsibilities and work with clients who do likewise. Partner with us and together we will ensure safety for all employees, both permanent and temp. Contact us today and discover why we’re Maine’s leading Staffing Agency.


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