Hiring Trend Predictions: What to Expect in 2019

An eight-year span of job market improvements put into motion a series of events leading to unprecedented job growth and a strong market in 2018.

Despite the new tariff wars, higher interest and mortgage rates, and an unpredictable stock market, we saw 2.27 million new jobs and a record-low unemployment rate of 3.7 percent.

Even though some predictions point to an upcoming recession, others predict 2019 will be another year for job growth.

2018-19 Trends

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Industrial Revolution sparked fears of job loss. Likewise, innovative Artificial Intelligence triggers concerns that machines will replace humans in the workforce.  On a positive note, experts say workers’ views are changing; they are viewing AI as a tool to help them do their job. AI will continue to advance in 2019.

  1. Women Execs Making Waves – Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Women are gaining traction in the world and will continue making their mark into 2019.

  • An unrivaled number of women (118), became members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Diversity in C-Suite is changing – California became the first state to require female representation on corporate boards.
  1. Corporate Data Breaches

Data breach concerns continue in 2019 as Cybercriminals create new ransomware capable of unleashing mayhem on corporate databases that house employee and customer information.

  1. The Gig Economy

Americans no longer view gig work as a future option, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Also, gig work takes up just one percent of the total American workforce.

  1. Local Talent Matters

Amazon’s move to open two new headquarters in two of the wealthiest cities in America is a pioneering strategy to find and hire a qualified local workforce. Research shows that “a city’s local workforce is crucial to finding the right talent because most workers don’t want to move to a new city for a job.” Also, larger cities are melting pots for high end and diverse talent.

  1. How Recruiters Find Talent

The hiring paradigm is changing; snail mail resumes are obsolete, and breakthrough machine-learning technologies are replacing manual screening practices. This new technology promises to help recruiters and applicants save time and produce better matches.

That said, when setting up predictive models, the input must be concise and accurate. Inputting invalid information will produce invalid results (“garbage in-garbage out “). Data-driven matching may revolutionize the hiring process.

  1. Tech Roles for Non-Tech Workers

Trending is the addition of non-tech positions in tech industries including sales executives, project managers, financial analysts, marketing teams, operations managers and more.

  1. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Companies addressing gender and racial diversity will concentrate on assuring that these groups feel included – a vital element for a healthy corporate culture.

  1. Aging Workers = Labour Shortages

America’s aging workforce is igniting a shortage in workers. Filling the seven million current job openings will be challenging in upcoming years.


There have been steady, positive changes in the job market set in motion by technology and a fluctuating economy.

Although the job market is healthy and is predicted to stay strong, anticipating potential disruptions will benefit the future of companies.

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