Job Ads for a Candidate-Driven Market

Attracting, engaging, and securing top-level talent in a candidate-driven market is a challenging task – especially when there are time constraints. Don’t, however, let the pressure result in poorly written, ineffective job descriptions. Instead, streamline the description-writing process by creating a working template that can adapt to each open position. It will not only save time but will also assure that you include all the necessary ingredients for well-written job descriptions.

The Title

That all-important candidate-attracting title is the first thing applicants see. Ensure your job title not only provides a clear picture of the job but also sparks curiosity, drawing the prospective candidate to read further.

It should neither be too short and blah (salesperson wanted) nor over the top (Superstar Executive Solutions Manager Wanted to Join our Winning Team). Be clear, concise, and use industry words that will pop to the top in searches. (Business Innovation Analyst for a dynamic global company, 5+ yrs. exp. And CBAP Certification preferred).

Paint a Picture

Once you have a thorough understanding of the open position, you can begin to write. Like your title, your description must also grab attention and offer relevant information. For example:

  • About the Company: Use “attractor factors” that resonate with your audience instead of the usual mundane prose. Share the history that speaks to your audience. Begin by addressing your “audience need.” In this case, it’s a candidate’s need for a satisfying position, then show them how your company meets that need.
  • Benefits: Sharing “Why you should work for us” is a winning trend in 2019. Popular trending benefits include job flexibility, gym memberships or free lunch.
  • Day to Day Duties: Accurately describe the essential daily duties and potential, future requirements, if applicable.
  • Compensation: Today’s recruits prefer to see a salary in the job description instead of “commensurate with experience.”

Although 70 +% of employers remain apprehensive about revealing salary, companies that embrace transparency are gaining a competitive edge in today’s market. As Google says,

“…if you want your jobs to show up higher on search results; you better have a salary in a structured data field.”


Finally, include a few recommendations from highly-satisfied employees in your ad – nothing speaks as strong as a potential colleague’s testimonial.

Make Connection Easy

Be transparent and easy to reach – from an email address, phone number, to a request for texts. Go mobile. If a candidate is interested in the job title, reads through the description and wants to connect, but it’s clumsy, they will quickly move onto the next company.

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