5 Reasons You Should Check out Temp Work

During any given year, America’s staffing companies hire more than 15 million temporary and contract employees.
Temporary and contract work is an excellent choice if you are considering a career change, are indecisive about your career path, or are re-entering the job market. Don’t be misled by the stigmas and misconceptions that surround temp workers; check out the benefits, including

1. Flexibility
If you take classes, have other projects and responsibilities, working full-time may not allow you to pursue those activities. Contract assignments vary; you can find jobs that are a few hours a week or a specified number of days per week. Temp assignments can span across weeks, months, or even years.

2. Testing the Waters
If you are uncertain about which career path to take, working in this capacity will give you the perfect opportunity to explore a variety of industries. It is also a great choice if you are changing careers; you can try it before you buy it.

3. Show me the Skills
Contract work will expand and diversify your skill set. Today’s most successful companies seek contract workers who have specialized skills. Temp work allows you to specialize your skills, gain exposure to new workflows, technology and challenges. Your marketability will increase, and your resume/CV will stand out.

4. Feet First
If your goal is to work for a particular company, and your attempts to break in have been unsuccessful, contract work can help get your foot in the door. Begin as a temp, show them your stuff, and they may offer you a more permanent position.

5. Networking
Working as a temp will give you the opportunity to access many face-to-face networking opportunities. Networking is vital in any industry and may lead to surprising results. The more people you know, the more doors will open.

A notable statistic from The American Staffing Association (ASA) shows that “…35 percent of temp workers receive permanent positions.” Nine out of ten workers say that temp work enhanced their employability.

Temp work can open many doors and provide several benefits. If you need extra money, want to try out a new gig, want to pursue your art, but would still like to eat, or are coming back to the workforce without a desire to work full-time, you may want to give it a try.

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