Memorial Day – Making the Best of it When You Have to Work

Many of the country’s offices close in honor of Memorial Day as friends and family gather for weekend getaways and barbeques. As we join the fun, let’s not forget the purpose behind Memorial Day – a time set aside to remember those brave men and women who died while serving our country in the armed forces.

For those of you who have time off, here are some activities to consider in the Greater Portland Area:

If you do have to work, don’t waste time sulking. Give yourself credit for the role you are playing and consider how it is helping your company and/or people in need of services, and then try one of these ideas.

Before the holiday, get permission to put together a committee to plan a few activities.

1. Designate an area in your workplace for employees to post pictures of veterans they knew or know who have served or are serving in the armed forces.
2. Organize a company potluck lunch if your location permits.
3. Decorate the office in the traditional red, white, and blue.
4. Have a red, white and blue cake decorating contest.
5. Plan a show and tell for coworkers to tell stories of their loved ones.
6. Offer suggestions about your town’s local happenings folks could attend after work, or on off days during the weekend.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend from the staff at Springborn, where we specialize in connecting talented individuals a best-fit position. After all, we know Maine employers – really well – what kind of people they hire, what it’s like to work there. We often know about jobs before they are even posted. Contact us today.

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