Boost Your Career: Advantages of Certifications  

Companies continually embrace new technologies to keep pace with their industry and gain a competitive edge. Company growth and expansion depends on the skill level of the workforce. In response to employers’ increased demands, you need a heads-on approach to not only learn new skills, but to obtain certifications that can help you now, or in the future. Become the compass that knows the direction your employer is heading. This step will increase your value as an employee.

 Certification is more than a piece of paper; it’s proof that you have specialized skill in a sector of your industry. Certifications can help your career in more ways than one, including:

  1. Providing skills that are in sync with any field, enabling you to brush up on current skills or gain new proficiencies.
  2. Keeping pace in your chosen industry reveals that you are a champion of self-development; a quality sought by most employers.
  3. Adding to your credibility in the marketplace. They not only boost self-confidence, but also enhance your peer’s, manager’s, and client’s confidence in your abilities.
  4. Opening the door to promotions within your current employment, as well as potential offers in the future.

Precautionary Measures

  • If you are fresh out of college, test the waters before embarking on certification programs. Work awhile to determine the career course you want to pursue.
  • Whether a veteran in the workforce or the new kid on the block, do your homework before enrolling in a program.
  • Certification programs can be expensive. Many companies, however, will offer tuition reimbursement if the program is position-related.
  • Certification programs must be reputable organizations. Due diligence will help you find the best plan. Read reviews from past students and reach out to former professors and mentors or your boss to elicit suggestions.

In closing, a quality you must attain and keep is an affinity for learning. It will provide more opportunities, increase your value as an employee, open doors, and put your career on the fast track.

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