The Healthcare Job Option

Whether you’re looking to change career fields, re-entering the workforce, or seeking your first career-focused job, the healthcare arena offers many opportunities. As a booming field, healthcare boasts a history of promising employment scenarios, even when many other industries are laying off. That’s why some have dubbed healthcare as one of the most recession-resistant industries.

Many folks are surprised to discover the multitude of diverse, well-paying jobs within the healthcare industry that provide both excellent benefits and job security, even for men and women with no prior healthcare experience or educational background. These entry-level positions offer unique opportunities to break into the industry with a high potential for advancement.

Consider positions such as—

  • Home care/health aid
  • Medical assistant
  • Medical biller
  • Medical secretary
  • Nursing assistant

Implement these three strategies to improve your chances of securing a healthcare-related employment opportunity.

1.  Focus on the experience you DO have

“It’s easy to get so caught up in the experience you’re missing that you forget to highlight the experience you DO have. Take a deep look at the experience you’ve had — even if it was in a different industry. Then identify how it ties to the allied health role you’re seeking,” advises Care + Career.

Are you adept at problem-solving? Have previous jobs required customer service skills? What about the team you facilitated toward the completion of a big project? And don’t forget the committees you chaired with the volunteer organization.

All these scenarios are excellent examples of skills and abilities that will be beneficial in any number of healthcare-related positions, so do include them on your resume. Make the focus on the total package of education, skills, and abilities you possess rather than excluding anything not directly related to the healthcare field.

2.  Leave no networking stone unturned!

Consider the adage: it’s not what you know but who you know.

Do friends work in any segment of healthcare? What about family or previous co-workers? Maybe a former instructor, mentor, or community leader with whom you’ve volunteered is now employed in healthcare. But remember, these folks can only put in a “good word” if they’ve been made aware of your desire to pursue a job within the healthcare field.

Expand networking efforts to include volunteer opportunities, professional associations, and social media interest groups.

3.  Broaden your search beyond the obvious job titles and positions

Recognize that job titles versus actual job descriptions vary among facilities, so don’t be too hasty in crossing a position from your list. The same mindset applies to skill/training requirements. Many organizations will seriously consider an applicant with less than 100% of the posted requirements when the applicant is eager to learn and demonstrates enthusiasm for the position.

At Springborn Staffing, we make it easier to find great work – in the healthcare field and other industries. We know Maine employers – really well – what kind of people they hire, what it’s like to work there. Often, we know about jobs before they are even posted.

If you’re willing to let us get to know you, we can make your search more streamlined and productive. Contact us today.

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