Steps to Keep Your Employees Healthy in 2020

As each new year begins, companies review the latest industry trends. This year, however, in addition to industry trends, 2020 has one unique non-industry trend that will prove beneficial to your organization and its employees, and it relates to health and wellness.


Employees and management alike are prone to burnout, which can negatively affect a person’s wellbeing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

No industry is exempt from staff burnout, the associated costs of lost productivity, low employee engagement, increased errors, and poor safety. All can be detrimental to your company.

For this reason, companies now offer more than just cookie-cutter health benefits; they provide office health and wellness programs that focus on mental, financial, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness by implementing some of the following remedies.

Office Health & Wellness Trends

Promote Healthy Eating: Snacking during the day is routine practice, especially when employees need that mid-afternoon boost. Instead of loading your vending machines with junk food, fill it with healthy snacks that provide an energy boost that lasts, unlike sugar snacks.

  1. Fitness Challenge: Today, people take exercise and fitness seriously. You can help get more people on board the fitness train by offering office challenges and competitions that involve physical training, and rewards for winners and runners up.
  1. Free Fitness Memberships: Offering this perk to employees will often increase motivation. Gym memberships can be costly, and free is an attractive benefit. Larger companies have gone a step further and offer the convenience of on-site, full-service gyms.
  1. Coaching: Another trend gaining popularity is on-site counseling to enhance an employee’s physical and mental performance, which you can accomplish in several ways:
  • Nutritionists can counsel staff during lunch, and depending on your space, offer healthy cooking classes at the office or another location after hours.
  • Behavioral Health specialists can bring awareness to diseases that can cause serious health issues due to poor eating habits, and more.
  1. Employee Cave: Taken from the coined phrase, “man cave,” this is a place in your office where employees can go for self-rescue, for respite and a well-needed break, but it must be conducive to your office health and wellness initiative.

By providing this haven, you allow staff to recharge their batteries and allow them to increase their energy and productivity. Some companies have gone further by adding a game room, meditation room, and even a ping pong table or two.

These suggestions are just a sampling of how you can improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce while you raise productivity to meet and exceed your bottom line. Take a few ideas and give them a test run, or come up with a few others like ergonomic workspaces, green office spaces, holistic health education, and even financial counseling to eliminate the stress due to financial worries.

Work towards a healthier and more engaged staff, and you will have a successful company.

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