The R-Factor in Business Resolutions

Most companies had a late December or early January motivational meeting. You know, that time for discussing their resolutions for the coming year, setting goals, endeavoring to fire-up their staff, and giving their all to hit the ground running. Unfortunately, many of those goals met the February fizzle, and now that March has rolled in, no one is talking about them anymore. The key to revitalizing your resolutions is the R Factor.

Reflect: Take time to consider 2019. What were your goals? Which ones did you achieve? Which ones did you miss, and why? What do you have to celebrate? Sometimes the best motivation for moving forward is recognizing what you did right the previous year and learning from your mistakes.

Research: What do you want to accomplish? What tools will you need? What technology is available? What can you learn from others who have tried it? What will best suit your company’s ideals, mission, expertise, etc.?

Realism: Sure, lofty goals sound great, but realistic, attainable goals are the pillars to success. No, we’re not talking about taking the easy street, but we are talking about being realistic and reasonable. Set practical goals that meet your business ideals; goals that can be measured; goals that make sense.

Reduce: Break each goal into a series of smaller steps. For example, if you want to create an email marketing campaign.

  1. Define your purpose – are you attracting new clients or nurturing your existing ones?
  2. Build a targeted audience list based on your defined purpose.
  3. Research the needs of your audience – do you want a promotional, relational, or transactional email
  4. Create a plan– from the tagline that captures their attention to the ‘product’ you will deliver. What opt-ins will you include? Will there be follow-up emails?
  5. What technology will you use?

Respond: Respond to the efforts of your staff. Offer rewards for goals accomplished. Create a friendly competition between departments when appropriate. Encourage staff when things don’t pan out by applauding their endeavors. 

Recover:  Sometimes, ideas fail. The key is how quickly you recover. Use the lessons learned to forge a new approach and set aa different goal.

Reach: Yes, you want realistic, measurable goals, but on the other hand, allow some time for reaching for the stars.

Resolutions are an action plan for success. It’s a year-long process, so set up a plan to measure your progress and check off each level as you move forward. If you need to adjust, do it with confidence. In the end, Reflect on the past and Resolve to move forward with Research-based Realism. Reduce the big picture into steps, Respond to success, Recover from glitches, and Reach for a fulfilling year.

Do your goals revolve around hiring the right professionals? Balancing your workforce to changing demands? Keeping up with administrative and management tasks?

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