Top Reasons Why Great Employees Leave

May 22, 2024

Top Reasons Why Great Employees Leave
In today’s dynamic workplaces, retaining top talent is a persistent challenge. Despite competitive pay and perks, companies lose valuable employees for various reasons. Lack of growth opportunities prompts talented individuals to seek …
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How To Build A Successful Team And It’s Importance?
Building a successful team is crucial for organizational success. Effective teams feature clear communication, shared goals, diverse backgrounds, and strong …
Industry Leaders


7 Benefits Of Having A Business Mentor
Having a business mentor can significantly enhance your professional growth. A mentor helps you identify blind spots, provides access to …
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I Wish I Knew These Four Things Before Starting My Own Business
Starting a business involves many unforeseen challenges. Entrepreneurs often wish they had known several key insights before starting their journey. …


Identifying Skill Gaps In Your Organisation: A Guide
To identify and address skill gaps in an organization, first plan whether to analyze skills at an individual or team …
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Four Big Mistakes To Avoid If You’re Buying A Business
Buying a business can be fraught with pitfalls. The article highlights four critical mistakes to avoid: relying on unqualified social …


Keys To Setting Yourself Up For Success As An Entrepreneur
Career coach Marlo Lyons shares three keys to entrepreneurial success: start with a side hustle in a field where you …
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“We do not have a bias toward younger applicants. It wasn’t necessary to write your resume in crayon.”
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The day was May 22. What year was it?

Great Emigration Departs for Oregon

What Year

A massive wagon train, made up of 1,000 settlers and 1,000 head of cattle, sets off down the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri.
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“Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.”
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What generic name for any project for radical innovation was first used at Lockheed Martin and can be traced to the comic strip Li’l Abner in which it is the job that no one wants?
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