Meet Our Team

When you work with Springborn, you’ll notice an immediate difference, not just in the quality of our jobs and talent, but also in the people you work with here. They are more experienced, more knowledgeable and more invested in your career. Here’s a little bit about our team:

Laura Thibodeau – President

President of Springborn Staffing

Laura has been kicking around the business arena for quite some time now (well ok – not that long…).  She has had a blast with a number of different career opportunities including:

  • Division I Basketball Scholarship Player and later D-I Coach (yes, she is aware she’s short) where she relished the competitive & academic environment of a College Campus setting;
  • Sales & Marketing Professional at a couple of the Biggies – Fortune 500 Companies where she was able to “learn the ropes” from some of the best in the industry;
  • And most recently… Small Business Owner in Maine.   Laura followed in her father’s footsteps, who had his own Insurance Agency in Maine for years when she acquired Springborn Staffing in 2008.

For fun:   Laura enjoys digging in the dirt – yep – you fellow gardeners know what I’m talking about.  She also enjoys home design & decorating, and is an avid (we mean vegan, doesn’t wear down, cat-lady variety) animal lover.

Interesting Tidbit:  In her alternative reality, Laura is a best-selling novelist – is 2 pages a good start…?

Deborah Jabine – Recruiter

Vice President of Springborn Staffing

Deb is one of the most loyal (and fun!) individuals in the biz. Job seekers can count on Deb being their best friend and number one fan in their job search. You won’t find anyone more dedicated (and did we mention fun?) in this line of work.  Deb has lots (over 20!) years of experience as a search professional. Quite simply, she is the best.

For Fun: Deb enjoys spending time with her family at her summer home on Peaks Island; has been an avid Yoga practitioner for years, creates beautiful stained glass lamps, and, if you see her staring off into the distance up on “the hill” – no need to worry, she is just soaking in that Casco Bay view.

Interesting Tidbit: Deb recently became a competitive 5K runner & would like to complete a mini-triathlon – Kudos Deb!

Paul Farrell – Recruiter

Paul joins us as our Banking/Credit Union Recruiter Extraordinaire. Paul made Endicott College Deans List two years in a row, in addition to playing soccer and studying in Madrid, Spain for a semester (no… he didn’t run with the bulls – I think… maybe he played soccer with them – well, we really should ask better interview questions to get to the bottom of all this). One thing we’re sure of – he enjoyed some world quality soccer while he was there. Paul’s most recent experience is with the Portland Press Herald as a Human Resources professional, and, while in college he served as manager of the Skinny Pancake (hey – when will we get one of those in Portland…?). Paul also served as the Head Coach of Capital Soccer Club. Paul is already diligently working for both his Clients and Candidates – lucky ducks.

For Fun: Paul takes every opportunity to visit his family in Vermont where they are up for any kind of adventure – hiking, swimming, watching local sports, and snowboarding are all on the table. Wondering if he has seen Champ out on Lake Champlain while swimming…? Of course, soccer, soccer, soccer – go Messi! And his new passion….? Disc Golf.

Interesting Tidbit: Paul has dreams of opening a gym or becoming a personal trainer someday – I’m hoping we can get free workout sessions in the meantime. Paddleboard yoga anyone…?

Victoria Beliveau- Recruiter


For Fun:

Interesting Tidbit:

Jordan Wood — Office Administrator