Managing Your Company’s Brand in the Tech Age

Before the dawn of the Internet, brand management was a bit less complicated. It meant maintaining face-to-face relationships, with little attention paid to editorials, if necessary. Most media outlets took time to deliver news and rarely included consumer opinions.

In today’s lightning-speed tech age, people are sharing comments, writing reviews on their personal blogs, giving ratings on products, creating YouTube demonstration videos, and “liking” and “sharing” product/service preferences, all the time.

Specifically, what has changed for brand managers?

Anonymity is not an option.

Companies have to be prepared to be as transparent as possible and engage with their audience. Because of the constant contact and slew of mobile applications that allow an individual to rate or comment on a product/service/place at any time, companies have to be ready to react, be it negative or positive.

Hiding in the corner can’t happen. In today’s age, if the Internet isn’t talking about your product, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

Responding to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

And knowing how to react on social media is a big thing. Try to never ignore comments. Engage with your customers in some way. Even if the comments are negative, apologize and offer a way for them to change their views. Online brand managers have to be quick, eloquent, diplomatic, and above all, respectful.

Preserving the company reputation from an HR perspective.

Since when do community managers take on human resources functions?

Ever since the reputation of your company, thus the desirability for anyone to work for it, became a matter of public interest. If a company is being cast in a negative light, the likelihood a truly qualified applicant might second-guess a job opportunity rises. What if an online petition went viral against your company, but you did nothing to intervene? What career-seeking applicant is going to apply to your company?

The reputation of a company is always up in the air. Connectivity of your consumers to one another is inevitable, and it’s your company’s responsibility to be available and ready to resolve any issue that comes your way.

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