Ugh! Tons of Applicants but no Skills – What to do?

Getting candidates to apply for your company’s vacant positions is often the first hurdle when it comes to hiring; however, it is not always the most difficult. Receiving an overwhelming number of applicants can be a great problem to face, but what if the applicants lack the core skills needed to succeed in the position? If you find yourself stuck in this frustrating position, take a step back and look at the following:

  • Review your job description. Have you presented the job duties and responsibilities clearly? This can be the most eye opening step in determining why you have attracted so many applicants without the necessary qualifications. While the ideal candidate will understand what the position entails, you will still want to avoid any ambiguity in your job description. Be very open and honest about what both the position and the company expect and need.
  • Consider the essential skills. Many candidates, especially recent graduates, are eager to get their feet wet but are lacking experience. Consider which skills are needed to hit the ground running in the position and which skills can be learned while doing the job. Also, keep in mind that in many situations, soft skills can be equally as important as hard skills; if an applicant seems to have the proper soft skills in place, it may be worth bringing them in for an interview before making the final decision to remove them from the running.
  • Partner with a staffing firm. Although it is common to receive several applicants per position who do not meet the job description’s criteria, an influx of non-qualified applicants coupled with an extreme lack of candidates who actually do meet the criteria should send up a red flag. Working with an experienced staffing firm is the best way to ensure you approach hiring in the most efficient and proactive way to in turn, make sure you find top quality candidates with the right skillsets for your position.

Attracting the right candidates to apply to your company’s open position is a job in and of itself. Working closely with a professional staffing company takes the hard part out of hiring and finds the candidates you need when you need them. If you are struggling to hire Portland’s top candidates, contact the hiring experts at Springborn Staffing today! If you are looking for an employment agency in Portland ME, contact Springborn today.

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