Skill Marketing

Creating a resume that stands out in the crowd doesn’t focus solely on impressive degrees and experience. Employers want to know that you have the skills for the position. They want a balance of specific functional skills and softer abstract skills. Recent surveys indicate that marketing the following skills enhances your chances to find that dream position.

Functional Skills

Storytelling: We live in a social media world. Companies want candidates who can tell stories, who can deliver captivating content across multiple platforms, and who can do it in a variety of voices. Content that meets the:
• B2B and the consumer
• Corporate and conversational
• Short and long form
• Multiple angles for various audiences
Storytelling is an art. It is the ability to use anecdotes from both personal experience and from others to connect with people on an emotional level; to share with them in concise, engaging terms the brand story of a company and influence them to purchase whatever is being marketed.

Customer Service: Companies know that how their customer service department handles issues has a direct impact on their reputation – especially when customers can instantly express their dissatisfaction online. Employers want candidates who intuitively know and understand what the customer wants (even when they don’t know themselves) and then are able to articulate clearly how the company can help. Essential customer service skills include:
• In-person and phone communication skills, including calming voice tones, clear enunciation and an upbeat and positive attitude.
• Written communication skills includes the ability to convey the message with excellent word crafting, personal sincerity, understanding, and proper grammar and spelling.
• Listening skills are also a crucial part of communication.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Companies deal with problems on a weekly, if not daily, basis. They are looking for candidates who can take their knowledge and apply it in practical ways; candidates who are able to:
• Define the problem.
• Decipher the cause of the problem.
• Identify what signifies that the problem is solved; and what are the Critical Success Factors.
• Generate and analyze solutions.
• Choose and implement the best solution.
Information Technology Application: The ability to take big data, analyze it, understand the impact it has on company goals, and create a plan based upon those results. Companies are seeking employees who understand the relationship between marketing and technology, between the CMO and the CIO, and know how to work across both areas; while delivering successful marketing campaigns.

Innovative Flair: The ability to see beyond the immediate and, with intuitive insight, pin point that unique marketing presentation, which will win the masses and go viral. An incredible example of innovative flair is the Geiko commercial, Hump Day, which has viewed more than 16,000,000 times on You-tube

Abstract Skills
Consumer Psychology: Being able to understand consumer behavior, and apply that knowledge in a way that influences buyers.

Leadership: True leaders, the natural born leaders, who instinctively know how to make good business decisions in times of adversity as well as stability are in high demand. Leaders who can inspire, motivate, and encourage productivity and growth. Leaders who have the innate ability to take command without taking over, making difficult decisions in turbulent times.

Conflict Resolution: Being able to recognize when conflicts are in the initial stages.
• When conflict involves you personally, being willing to listen with an open mind to the other side, take responsibility for your areas and being kind, but firm when you need to take a stand.
• When the conflict involves others on your level or under you, possessing discernment – knowing when to step in; and then wisdom – understanding how to step in.

Professionalism/work ethic: Yes, this continues to be a hot skill. In spite of the fact that anyone, regardless of degrees or experience, can develop solid work ethic and choose professional behavior, it is often sadly lacking. If you’re having trouble securing a position, examine yourself in light of this and respond accordingly.

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