Professional Authenticity

Authenticity: a key to professional growth. Before we can discuss it, however, we need to understand it. Authenticity is not a professional word for the me-ism of dumping any and every thing you think about any and every situation – the in-your-face blast of your views about any and every subject – the regurgitation of any and every intimate detail of your life in the office, at the water cooler, or on your social media sites. Authenticity begins with the ability to be honest with yourself. The ability to recognize your personal weaknesses and strengths, growing in spite of your weaknesses, building on your strengths, and then being true to that in both personal and professional settings. Understanding what is appropriate to share and when it should or should not be shared is maturity – it shows respect without hindering authenticity. Being authentic professionally is the art of blossoming in the knowledge of yourself and using your strengths to support the ultimate good of both your career and your employer.

Integrity shines through authentic professionals because they have a profound sense of purpose. They know who they are, what they have accomplished, and where they are going. They follow the path that is true to their self because they live by their core values.
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• What is your purpose?
• What are your core values?
• Are your decisions based on your core values?
Answering these questions is the first step to an authenticity that will profoundly affect both your personal and professional growth.

Trueness to self shines through authentic professionals because they demand a remarkable self-awareness. They have an acute perception of their strengths, weaknesses, and their emotional intelligence. They understand how others perceive them and respond to them. They build trust by both initiating and responding consistently in their personal and professional lives. They allow themselves to be vulnerable by not only sharing their successes, but by owning up to their mistakes.
• Are you true to yourself?
• Are you consistent in your behavior?
• Do you acknowledge your mistakes?

Respect for boundaries shines through authentic people because they have developed healthy boundaries and acknowledge the same in others. They know when sharing encourages relational growth and camaraderie and when it’s time to tip the scales to privacy. They understand the concept that their words and actions often represent more than themselves and have the power to bring life or death.
• Do you have healthy boundaries?
• Do you respect boundaries in others?
• Do you pause before speaking or posting and consider whether this best reflects not only your personal values, but also the values of the professional or personal groups to which you are connected?

Discernment shines through authentic people because their astute knowledge of their personal purpose, core values, and boundaries, and their respect for the same in others, permeate their words and actions. They are able to discern the difference between public and private, negative and constructive criticism, weakness and vulnerability, empathetic honesty and cruelty, etc.

Authenticity is an ongoing process. Begin by getting to know yourself. Get a fresh perspective by evaluating your strengths, weaknesses, core values, and purpose. Examine yourself. Are your words and actions true to these elements of you? Establish healthy boundaries. As you grow in your understanding and respect of self, you will learn to express yourself in patterns that enhance your authenticity while maintaining professional respect.

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