Leadership Essentials in a Technological World

Every company continuously needs to adapt to the rapid advancement of technology. The needs and preferences of employers, their staff, and their clients/customers are constantly changing. Any given industry’s ability to make these changes and continue to grow is dependent upon the leadership. It takes leaders who are aware of the changing landscape and are willing to shift their approach and policies accordingly. Leaders who follow these keys:
Recognize our Knowledge Economy
• Take personal responsibility for increasing your skills and knowledge – especially technology. Take online classes, participate in webinars, attend conferences, etc. Be willing to recognize and acknowledge areas you are lacking and take steps to grow.
• Astutely identify the talents and potential in others – whether it’s present or potential employees. Encouraging your staff to use both the latest in technology and their personal gifts for effective service will build a strong and healthy workforce.
Build Respect
• Earn the respect and trust of your colleagues and employees through consistent authenticity and transparency. Be accountable by keeping your commitments. Earn the right to make the hard decisions, and know they will be honored, because you have proven yourself in the trenches.
• Treat others with respect. You’ve set the example; now give them the trust and authority to follow through. Recognize that the best leaders are also willing to learn from those whom they lead.
Value Teamwork
• Generate an effective work environment by sharing your vision for the organization and involving your employees in the decision-making process. Let them know that you will listen to innovative ideas and solutions. Set team boundaries but don’t be too rigid to use new ways and have fun doing it.
• Delegate according to skills, experience, and gifts, rather than just seniority. Grant trust and authority to match responsibility. When an employee is assured that you recognize and appreciate their personal contributions, they are more willing to let others shine in their areas of expertise.
• Technology may change how we communicate, but it doesn’t change the need to communicate clearly and with clarity. Be certain that everyone understood exactly what you meant to convey. Voice tone, facial expression, and body language play an essential role in communicating – when we lose these tools through the use of technology, it is crucial to confirm that your message is understood.
• Develop an online presence that inspires others to “listen”, but don’t forget to listen back. Take time to respond to comments on your company Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. When you are face-to-face, focus on the employee or customer who is speaking. Pause and then repeat back what you heard to clarify that you received it correctly, before giving an answer.
Show Appreciation
• Highly effective leaders recognize that they don’t stand alone. Take time to personally acknowledge and thank your employees. Be specific when giving thanks and include tangible rewards when appropriate.
• Don’t forget thank customers too. Set an example for your staff to follow. Many businesses run promotions to attract new customers, but don’t forget to offer rewards to long-term customers for their loyalty.
Technology may change the way we do business and shape our leadership, but in the essential pillars remain the same. Knowledge, vision, respect, teamwork, communication, and appreciation may be presented in different avenues, but they are still keys to strong leadership and healthy growth. Springborn Staffing supports strong leadership that inspires growth. Contact us today for assistance with staffing needs in Bangor and Portland, Maine

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