Outsmart Yourself – It Pays

“The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” 
                                                                                                    Bill Gates

Successful companies, leading CEOs aren’t afraid to hire smart people – even when the new hire is “smarter” than the manager hiring them. Or at least, more gifted specifically in the role the new hire will perform. Great CEOs understand that the more qualified each member of the team is; the knowledgeable each person at the round table is; the more successful the company. When it comes to new hires, their goal is to recruit and retain great talent, and then empower them to carry out the company mission.

How do they do it? How do top CEO’s “outsmart” themselves?

They know their talent and are confident in it. By keeping an honest assessment of their personal strengths and weaknesses, they know what kind of talent they need to bring on board.

They have a vision. They see the big picture and hire the right people to make it happen. When you need to travel across the country, you don’t build a plane and fly it yourself – even if your company owns a private jet, you hire a highly-qualified pilot to fly it and a skilled crew to maintain it. Strong leadership isn’t afraid to do what they do best and hire people smarter than themselves to cover the rest.

They build a recruitment network – sometimes finding the best candidate involves seeking counsel from someone with more expertise in a specific area. Self-respect and confidence aren’t hindered by asking for help when it’s needed. The smart leader hires smart help.

They hire for the overall good of the organization. It’s not about who is smarter than someone else – it’s about having the smartest person for each specific position in that position and then respecting individuals across the board.

They create a cultural of appreciation for talent and a willingness to learn. The more they encourage their staff to not only share their personal expertise and knowledge, but also be open to learning from the rest of the team; the greater their engagement, the more passionate their performance, and the more productive their business will be.

Intelligent, gifted, creative people bring immense value to a company – the CEO and his/her hiring manager who put aside personal egos and welcome said talent ignite their business.

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