Employees vs. Summer: How Can You Keep Employees Engaged?

Remember when summer meant time to relax and do nothing? Or play and enjoy life? Even as adults, it can be hard to shake that attitude, and summer is often the least productive time of the year.

Your employees may be thinking more about vacations, cookouts and weekend events than about work projects and deadlines.  According to Replicon, a time and expense software company, people are 52 percent more likely to use paid time off between June and August.

How can you keep your workplace running during the summer seasonal slowdown? Try implementing these five ideas:

  1. Set Goals.
    Get your employees on task by making the final goal very clear, as well as what each employee needs to do to achieve that goal. Then make it fun to reach those milestones by offering rewards—movie tickets, gift certificates, permission to take a half day—particularly if the tasks are completed well ahead of schedule.
  2. Get Outside.
    Invite your team to lunch—or even an onsite picnic, if your building offers conducive outdoor space—to give everyone a midday break from staring at the office walls. Or, encourage after-lunch walks by actually building them into the schedule once or twice a week. Interactions outside the office help employees step away from the pressures and stresses and will help recharge their motivation—not to mention foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Allow Casual Attire.
    Unless there is an important client meeting or presentation, relax the dress code for the summer. Obviously short shorts, flip-flops or concert T-shirts should not be an option, but allow khakis, capri pants and polo shirts instead of ties and suit coats.
  4. Consider “Summer Fridays”.
    Many companies opt for summer Fridays, where employees can take the rest of the day off at noon or 1 p.m. if weekly goals are reached. This inspires productivity, so people can achieve their goals, yet still start their weekends early.
  5. Get Involved.
    Summer is prime time for all sorts of fundraising activities and charitable involvement: 5k races, biking fundraisers or volunteer work . Boost pride for the company by signing teams up for community events. This encourages camaraderie and keeps energy levels high.

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