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Things Job Seekers Want Most — Are You Offering Them?

It is safe to assume that most job seekers’ top priority is to make money. But what else are these potential employees looking for? While compensation may be the ultimate goal, it certainly is not the only important factor. According… Read more »

How to Compete for Summer Hires

Whether it’s the weather or memories of struggling in past years, employers are starting their summer hiring earlier than before. Nearly half of hiring managers said they will complete their summer hiring in April. 79% of all summer jobs will… Read more »

Keywords Are the Key to Making your Job Posting Searchable

Here’s another way to attract great job candidates: help them find your job posting more easily. How? Keywords and concise job descriptions. There are over 100 million job-related searches being conducted each month on Google alone. You need to make… Read more »

Why (and How) to Use Mobile Recruiting to Attract Job Seekers

Stated simply, mobile recruiting is the ability to market to prospective talent with or on a mobile device. More in depth, mobile recruiting is about keeping up with new and emerging recruitment trends and a terrifically effective way to connect… Read more »

The Best Way To Approach Different Interview Styles

If you’ve spent time preparing for job interviews, you’ve probably discovered that there are different types of interviews – informal, structural, behavioral, panel. What you may not have considered is that there are different types of interviewers. Your interviewer’s personality… Read more »

Take Advantage of The Smartphone Era!

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 job seekers uses their mobile device when searching for new employment? How can you use mobile recruiting to attract job seekers and potentially find your next top hire? Here are 5 ways… Read more »

The Modern Compensation Package – It Needs to Be Competitive

Your employee compensation and benefits package can be the deciding factor for many potential employees. And it’s not just the money. To make your company competitive and attractive to job candidates, you have to offer an exceptional total benefits package.… Read more »

Your GPA is Now Meaningless

When you’re a student, you work to achieve the highest possible GPA. When you graduate, I’m sorry to say, that number doesn’t really matter. When it comes to getting a job, employers don’t want to know what you did, they… Read more »

Start 2012 Off Right With a Fresh Start at Work

When it came time to make your New Year’s resolutions, did you consider your work life? Do you feel like you could use a fresh start? At the risk of sounding like your mother, getting organized at work is a… Read more »

Get the Most Out of Generation Y Professionals

Today’s workforce has a great balance of experienced professionals and fresh talent. At the head of the pack is the group of professionals known as Generation Y. Generation Y is categorized by the following traits: They were born between 1980… Read more »