Happy Thanksgiving

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Since 1963, when President Lincoln declared it a national holiday (thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale), family and friends have been celebrating the day with overladen tables, fun and games, and – of course – football. Inevitably, someone starts a round of “What I am thankful for . . .” or some version of giving thanks.

This is all good and wonderful, and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it, but what about the remaining 364 days a year?

May we suggest that the giving of thanks, all year long, is the finest form of true thanksgiving.

Like any other accomplishment, developing an attitude of gratefulness is a decision, a conscious choice, a habit formed by focused purpose. You get the picture – make a plan.

Here’s a tip to get you started.

Choose a time each day
– we’re talking 5 minutes – to give thanks for five things. (or three, or one if that’s where you need to start). Give thanks for family, friends, health, shelter, and food, but also give thanks for:

Things you usually take for granted – like heat when you turn up the thermostat, mail delivery, stocked shelves when you stop at the store.
Things of intrinsic beauty – fluffy white clouds against an azure sky, a baby’s smile, a single rose with dew drops still on it,
Special moments – when your child crossed the finish line in first place. When he/she crossed in last place with a smile on his/her face, and you know that he/she is still a winner.
For big deeds done – when the team went beyond themselves, completing a highly successful project ahead of the deadline.
For small deeds done
– when a coworker grabbed a coffee for you too while getting his/hers.
For life that goes on – bringing the tiniest bits of hope – even when your pain is deep, your path is dark, and the storm rages.

The list is endless. So, don’t make it difficult – just give thanks. Keeping a notebook to jot them down in will give you a reminder on those days when you are in a rut and giving thanks is the last thing you want to do. The more you give thanks, the more you will want to – the truth is, those who make a habit of being thankful bring happiness to others, of course, but they also are happier themselves.

So here’s to a year of giving thanks. At Springborn Staffing, we begin our round of thanks by saying how we appreciate every staff member, candidate/employee, and client. You make a difference for us, and our goal is to make a difference for you. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy “giving of thanks” to you all.

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