Personality Traits that Generate Success

Want to win that promotion or need to impress a potential employer and secure that dream job? It’s more than what you know – that skills and experience thing; it’s also about who you are. What personality and character traits are employers seeking? Who are the career winners? From entry-level to C-suite, the candidates who exemplify these nine traits are the candidates who grow in their profession.

Professionalism – The top of the list! When an individual conducts him/herself with respect toward all and maintains integrity and authenticity in his/her actions and communications, it makes an impression. Enact the following strategies:
• Make it a priority to arrive on time
• Dress appropriately for the work culture or the event
• Reliable – finishes projects by the deadline, taking responsibility for their errors and giving credit and recognition where it is due
• Watches their communication – avoids vulgarity, gossip, and lying
• Takes time to serve.
Self-Motivating, High Energy – An individual who persistently achieves without needing an overdose of guidance. A leader. Passionate. Productive. Patient.
Independent Thinker Full of intellectual Curiosity – The ability to make informed choices, and take responsibility for learning and growing. The individual who questions and digs for answers – they often are the innovative creators in their industry.
Team Player – The individual who works well as a member of the company, group, team or even as a “cubicle owner” in a sea of cubicles. Not only can they be depended upon to perform their duties well and on time, they are quick adapters and open-minded, embracing, respecting, and appreciating diversity – from workstyles to ethnicity and beyond.
Strategist – These are the goal setters, who determine the actions needed to achieve the goals and mobilize the resources to execute the operation. Talented individuals who have mastered the art of listening quickly get to the heart of problems and create strategies to overcome. Throw in business acumen, and you have a strategist.
Decision Maker – This individual is adept at seeing through the muck and determining the real issue. They weigh the pros and cons of different options, look forward to the probable outcome, decipher the value of fact versus feeling, and make their decision accordingly.
Self-Management – These are individuals who manage their thoughts, emotions, and their resulting actions in an appropriate manner. They can control themselves in the “heat of the moment.” Because of this they are more productive and proficient in their work and excel in work relationships.
Flexibility – That ability to bend in the wind, adjusting quickly to sudden changes. In a “gig” economy of contract freelancers and continually changing technology, an individual who can rise above and still be calm and productive is a plus for any employer.
Interpersonal Skills – The perfect complement to professionalism, the two are matching bookends that hold all the other traits between them. Individuals with clear-cut interpersonal characteristics and skills are essential to every team. They communicate well and are active listeners who can read between the lines, and express themselves in a clear, concise fashion. They can empathize with others and motivate people to be their best. Essential skills include the ability to:
• Manage relationships
• Perceive and Understand how others feel
• Cooperate and encourage others to do likewise
• Maintain a positive attitude
• Understand and uphold appropriate contacts.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the prospect of developing all these traits. Choose a couple and foster them, then add another. Ask any gardener. They don’t toss in a seed and presto – achieve a beautiful plant. It requires watering, fertilizing and yes, pruning the dead leaves and volunteer shoots, but with care and dedication they reap beauty in the end.
Springborn Staffing can help you in the process. We know Maine employers – really well – what kind of people they hire, what it’s like to work there. Often we know about jobs before they are even posted. If you’re willing to let us get to know you, we can make your search more streamlined and productive. We’ve been helping people like you build a pathway to success for more than 30 years. We’re Passionate About Your Career. Contact us today.

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