Building a Successful Career

Whether you’re fresh out of college, returning to work, making a career change, or trying to climb out of a career rut, building your career isn’t a one-time event; it’s a life-long process.

10 Basic Principles that Lead to Success

I. Develop your soft skills – those intangible must-haves for success. Emotional intelligence, people skills, leadership, problem-solving, and strong communication skills are a few.

II. Keep learning – Take in new ideas. Build new skills. Read books. Attend conferences and participate in webinars. Take a class or earn certification.

III. Connect with people who share a common point – Perhaps you met them at a conference, or through a colleague; perhaps you share a past or look forward to sharing a future. The key is building your network around people you know and can share an honest connection. Forget going for quantity and aim for quality.

IV. Nurture your network – The best way to build a robust network is through serving. Share industry news and connections. Off encouragement and advice when asked and also listen to feedback from others who have been there, done that. Express empathy when needed and celebrate their successes. Endorse their skills and acknowledge their achievements. Networking is about relationship and relationships are as much about giving as receiving.

V. Develop all your roles – Make your life roles a priority. Your family and friends are the ones who make career success worthwhile. Be active in your community.

VI. Take time for personal health – your wellbeing affects your personal and professional growth. Eat a balanced diet, get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and make room in your schedule for consistent exercise.

VII. Don’t neglect your spirit – be mindful. Set aside time each day to shut off your devices and be quiet. Reflect and meditate. Clear the clutter and reconnect to your purpose – your life and career vision. It will restore and increase your energy for living.

VIII. Cultivate gratefulness – From having a grateful heart for life little pleasures to expressing your appreciation for the impact others have in your career and your life, a thankful attitude makes a difference. Give thanks wherever thanks are due – even when it’s hard.

IX. Focus on positivity – Your attitude in life – about life – affect everything you do in work or play. A right mindset on the job not only contributes to a positive workplace culture, but it will also increase your engagement with coworkers and superiors, your productivity, your
opportunities, and your success.

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