Hot tips for Job-Seekers

Resolutions in hand, you are ready to kick-start the New Year. Number one on your list reads, “find a new job,” which can be challenging even in today’s job market of candidate shortage. The following tips may help you get noticed on a hiring manager’s list of “potentials.”

Know what you want.

When you set out to conquer the job market, be clear about the career path you want to pursue. What are your interests? How do they line up with your experience, skills, certifications, etc.? Do you need to expand your education?

Would you buy a house sight unseen? Similarly, you wouldn’t accept a job from a company for which you are not familiar. If you’re uncertain about the field, you’d like to enter, research industries, and follow with company research.
• Gather a list of potential industries
• Research each industry online
• Search for companies, professional associations, and industry-related blogs
• Reach out to those who work in your field of interest and arrange meetings
• Research industry-specific salary information
• Arrange a day in the life with companies to get a feel for the industry
• Review job postings to better understand job requirements

Save Your Cookie Cutting for Baking
You’ve gathered your research, but before you send out the same old resume, make some changes. Avoid the common mistake of using the same resume and cover for every job. Each resume and cover letter must be specific to the position. Recruiters recognize cookie cutter correspondence, and it shows a lack of interest on your part. Furthermore, you will have an easier time finding work if your credentials line up with the position’s requirements.
If your skills are not an exact match with the job description, think out of the box and show how your past responsibilities relate to the position.

Prep Time
Prepare for interviews; read the job description and think how your skills match-up.
For example, if one of the job responsibilities is to manage and track a monthly budget, you might offer an example of how you saved the company money by re-allocating line item two to line item four.

Be a Show-Off
Get your brand out there on social media channels and connect with people working in your industry of choice. LinkedIn is a stomping ground for recruiters and companies looking for talent; a strong presence will increase your chances of finding work.
Make connections, build relationships, schedule informational interviews, post articles and become an online superstar.
Ensure that your social media profiles match your credentials.

Add Job-Shopping to Your Daily To-Do List
Set a daily goal that relates to your employment. For instance, you can spend one-hour searching online job sites, set aside time to schedule your informational meetings, or call three recruiters a week, and stick to it.

To conclude, finding a job in the current market may not be as easy as you think, however, if you use a sound system and a strategic plan, you’re sure to get your foot in the door. It’s essential that you stay positive during this process. Searching for a job can be stressful and, frustrating but, if you keep balance in your life, it will significantly reduce your stress levels. Try incorporating positive affirmations, or get out and get some exercise. Don’t forget eating healthy and getting rest – they all play a role.

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