Thought Leadership  

Thought leaders shape the future of business. They are the trusted source for current expertise as well as innovative ideas for tomorrow. They create and build upon the best practices and processes that others follow. Becoming a thought leader requires dedicated effort and commitment but will take you to a higher level of professional achievement and bring with it, immense satisfaction.

Thought Leadership requires:

  • Time commitment – it’s not a few steps, and you’ve arrived, but rather a willingness to build up your knowledge and experience, as well as your ability to convey said knowledge and experience in an attention-grabbing way. Build a professional brand that attracts followers.
  • Backbone – Leaders aren’t found in the middle of the pack. They are in front, and sometimes that means standing alone. Whether you are creating a better way to perform a current process or carving a totally new path, you will inevitably face opposition. Do you have the backbone to handle the visibility, criticism, and exposure – especially when your first attempt at a new idea fails? Can you treat naysayers with respect, glean wisdom from their critiques, and then move forward with your ideas?
  • ConnectionIt’s essential to pay attention to influencers in your industry. Build connections with other leaders – not for the sake of dropping names, but because you can learn. Listen to what they say. Discover what propels them forward. Seek and respond to their advice. Never stop learning from others even as you teach.
  • Giving – Be willing to share with others. Mentor someone. Attend networking events and reach out to people in your industry. Share relevant content – both on social media and one-to-one. Share your skills, experience, and time in your industry and in your local community. Serve on boards. Work on leaving a legacy.

Thought leadership is a choice that requires work – hard work, but it also brings tremendous benefits. It provides an opportunity to influence others – from individuals to entire companies and then industries. Your name becomes synonymous with authority, credibility, and trust. It will take you in exciting directions locally, regionally, and sometimes nationally or even globally.

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