Mid-Year 2019 Recruitment Strategies

A study that included 500 companies worldwide demonstrated how incorporating a well-defined recruitment strategy removes roadblocks to success and enables companies to:

  • Efficiently fill positions
  • Decrease turnover rates
  • Increase employee satisfaction

For the study, participating organizations were divided into three segments: high, moderate, and low-performing companies. The high performing groups consistently use innovative, well-thought-out hiring strategies. Here are some tips for joining their ranks.

  1. Create an acquisition strategy that supports your business strategy.

Test your strategy against well-defined, measurable metrics.

  1. Analyze Your Data

Cleaning data can be a daunting task, but a dedicated effort brings a high ROI. Typical factors clean data can provide includes:

  • Headcount forecast
  • Role-specific supply and demand
  • Analysis to weed out inefficiencies in the talent acquisition process
  • Clearly defined quality of hire monitoring and necessary adjustments
  1. Resource Allocation

Determine the best allocation of management time and skills in reference to the hiring process. Who should cover each of the different steps and angles involved in talent acquisition from job profile creation to sourcing to interviews and candidate assessment, as well as background screening and references?

  1. Financial Budget Priorities

High performers use most of their financial resources for new hires and on-boarding, where low performers spend more on training and development.

Recruitment marketing is a growing trend; it increases company visibility to specifically targeted markets, avoiding unnecessary spending.

  1. Sourcing

Sourcing is a relatively untapped tool used primarily by high performers. In fact, this group realizes an 80 percent success rate. Various methods of sourcing include:

  • Using candidate personas
  • Focusing on internal promotions for re-assignments
  • Network-building
  • Searching company databases first before looking elsewhere for talent
  • Employee referral programs
  • Capitalizing on contract work on freelance sites
  • Building relationships with educational institutions
  • Luring candidates into the talent funnel
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with a staffing agency

There are several other methods used by high performing recruiters, but these stand out are the most beneficial and overlooked tools in the industry. It takes work preparing for new strategies, but by doing so, you will have access to channels that will provide your company with the best talent, experience lower turnaround and spend your time and budget in ways that will yield the highest return.

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