Kickstarting Your 2020 Job Search  

Are you unhappy at your current job and wonder if you’ll ever get that “dream job,” the one that’s in line with your passion? Spoiler alert: searching through want ads for 30 minutes at the start of each day will not lead you to your new gig, but there’s a sure-fire way to get you there quickly.


Preparation is key to all momentous steps in your life. The same holds true for job hunting. Start by setting aside an entire uninterrupted day and begin the process.

  • Pinpoint Your Goals

Knowing which direction you want to go is a big part of this endeavor. Do some brainstorming and not only reflect on what you want but also determine the why behind your choice.

  • Resume Update

Take time for this process. Your resume opens the door for an interview. It’s essential to take the time to showcase your skills, quantify the impact you’ve made using specific examples, and clean up the general format.

  • Clean up Social Media

Take some time to clean up your social media profiles. Now, more than ever, hiring managers search social media channels. Keep it professional.

  • Create a Pipeline

Make a manageable list of companies to contact in the future and research each. Know the company inside out, their values, financials, their clients, company culture, and their competitors.

  • Set up Networking Lunches

Arrange a series of networking lunches to conduct informational interviews, (Pre-planning is necessary to set up your meetings). Send out requests and confirm before that day. Make this an exercise to gather information and advice. Catch up with old mentors beforehand. LinkedIn can be a tremendous help in finding the right people for your project. Plan your presentation style. When the date arrives, just relax and catch up with your old mentor or associate and get advice on your next career move. Don’t be afraid to ask your contact to keep you in mind should anything come up that may be of interest, or to provide names of others who may be able to give you advice.

Bottom line: Finding a job in today’s market takes much more than scanning ads and submitting a resume. The skills required in the current market are becoming more advanced as technology improves. A way to break through is to do your due diligence. You must decide what you want, know why you want it, and go after it by using some out-of-the-box methods. It takes work, but to find a job for which you are passionate will be well worth the effort.

One last tip:

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