Building Healthy Work Relationships

Even the most introverted among us desires friendship and positive interactions with others. Building positive relationships in our professional life can be as necessary as it is in our personal life. In fact, studies reveal that people who develop strong healthy work relationships are more engaged in and more satisfied with their jobs. Professionals who build and maintain good relationships with their customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders are more successful.

What exactly defines a healthy relationship?
We all have our own personal list of what we consider necessary for a healthy relationships, but common key points include authenticity, trust, mutual respect – regardless of diversity, commitment, and communication.

How can we build healthy work relationships?
Again, we each have our own list of specific priorities, but the following 5 tips can benefit everyone.

Develop people skills:
• Make it a practice to treat everyone with respect, regardless of his/her personal attitude, company position, or level of diversity from yourself.
• Cooperate with others – if they disagree with you, challenge yourself to consider their perspective.
• Be honest about your opinion in a friendly, professional tone, giving credence to opposing views.
• Practice common decency – please, thank you, and deferring to others never goes out of style.
• Find points of common interest, focusing on similarities instead of differences.

Keep a positive attitude:
• Positive attitudes are contagious and inspire creativity.
• Be quick to notice your coworkers accomplishments – compliment them to others
• Avoid negative judgments, criticism, complaining, and sarcastic jibes.
• Avoid gossip – refuse the invitation to join the rumor mill.

Develop relationship-building communication skills:
• Be open and honest.
• Communicate with colleagues using the method of their preference.
• Be mindful of your body language – friendly smiles reap rewards.
• Be an active listener – focus on the speaker – no emailing, texting, taking calls etc.
• Be mindful of others boundaries, as well as your own.

Fulfill your responsibilities:
• Develop positive work ethics.
• Be organized and efficient.
• Complete your work duties on time.
• Be a professional – present excellent work
• Deliver more than expected.

Share the spotlight:
• Never take credit for a co-worker’s accomplishments.
• When you receive an award – give sincere credit to supporting staff.
• Share opportunities with your co-workers.
• Share your co-workers excitement over new prospects and accomplishments.

Cultivating these five points toward healthy work relationships will create a firm foundation for professional success. Of course, relationships are a two-way street, but modeling appropriate behavior and attitudes will create a positive response in others and benefit everyone.

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