Do You Have to Choose Between Cultural Fit and Diversity?

There’s a lot of hype about cultural fit – and for good reason. Cohesive teams working in congenial environments create engaged, loyal, and productive employees.

There’s also a lot of hype about diversity – and for good reason. When your employees come from different backgrounds and life experiences and bring a broad diversity of soft skills and intellectual disciplines, it sparks innovative, creative ideas, promoting an excited, engaged, loyal, and productive workforce.

So how do we attain both?

1. Begin by understanding that cultural fit does not mean that everybody walks, talk, thinks the same. While that might be fun for a while, in the big picture life would get pretty boring.

2. On the other hand, diversity – just for the sake of diversity – can cause unnecessary friction.

3. Take the time to establish a culture that it worth fitting. A culture where:
• Diversity is respected and appreciated
• Communication skills are valued – and taught when necessary
• Transparency and open-door policies are encouraged
• Mentoring programs are part of policy
• Personal and professional growth is promoted

4. Recognize that diversity isn’t about percentages. It’s about recognizing the value a candidate brings to the table – regardless of their education, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political views, social status, national origin, etc. Create teams of diverse:
• Generations
• Skills/experience (i.e. engineers with business majors)
• Gender (the women from Venus/men from Mars cliché came about for a reason)
• Approaches – it creates more opportunity for breakthroughs

5. When you have a diverse group (see #4) who operate in an environment of the cultural points established in #3, you create the optimum foundation for competitive, vibrant, and lasting business success and growth.

Springborn Staffing specializes in knowing their clients, understanding their unique cultures, and matching them with diversity that breeds innovation. Contact us today and let us help you build a business culture is built on core values rather than sameness and diversity is more than just a number.

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