Your Resume Story

Creating a resume that catches attention and puts you on the short list can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems like the rules are always changing, but the bottom line remains the same. You have to know your audience and market what matters – to them.

Your resume is your story. Learn how to tell it. We’re not talking every detail of your life – we’re talking a concise, intriguing, flowing storyline that tells the recruiter exactly who you are and what you have to offer. Your story reveals your character, personality, education, experience, and soft skills, of course, but it also shows how that specific package of you correlates with the specific needs of the company.

Begin with a basic summary of your professional philosophy and goals. Compile a timeline of your education and experience. List your technical skills as well as your soft – or functional skills. Keep this handy as you create your resume.

Now choose a format and style that reflects you, while also remaining true to what’s appropriate for your industry. Keep it simple. Fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Calibri, and Times New Roman in 10 or 12 are not only easy for people to read, they are also the best choice for applicant tracking systems.

As you create your resume, target your document to the job at hand – customizing your wording to fit the position. Read the job description and utilize the same key words.  Adapt your education and experience to fit their requirements – without misrepresenting yourself, of course. According to the, these tips will help you tell your professional story and make your resume stand out in a crowd.

  • Think of your resume as ad copy.
  • Emphasize accomplishments with power verbs.
  • Quantify your successes and the magnitude of your responsibilities – numbers attract attention.
  • Highlight awards and recognition – choose the ones that tie into the open position.
  • Share examples that indicate your leadership and team skills.
  • Present evidence that indicates your desire to grow professionally – certifications you’ve earned, classes you’ve taken, webinars you attend, etc.

Your story shares the straight facts, but it also adds dimension. As you compose your resume, remember that recruiters and HR personnel are looking for resumes that are easy to read; easy to scan for highlights, and easy to summarize the top selling points of the individual it represents. They want to be able to tell in 20 seconds – or less – that you have the personality, character, education, and skills for the position. In addition to hard skills specific to the position, they are looking for candidates who are well-versed in technology and have strong people and communication skills – from customer service to team connections to potential leadership skills. They want critical thinkers and problem-solvers who are innovative, professional and exhibit a strong work ethic.

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