Employee Value Proposition:  Asking the Tough Questions

Engaging the best talent – and then retaining them – can be difficult in our talent-driven market. Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper to get results, and it often begins with questions – the tough ones.

  •    “Why would a highly-motivated, talented person choose to work for us?”
  •    “Why would that same talent steer clear of us?”

Although it’s been shuffled around since the late 1990s, the term “employee value proposition” is now reemerging as a way to combat what has been labeled for years as the “war for talent.” Well-thought-out answers to those tough questions is what the concept behind employee value proposition(EVP) is all about.

While EVP could be shrugged off as merely the latest buzz word that’s getting attention due to a tight labor market, there’s no denying it employs several vital aspects that are known to improve employer-employee relationships.

Consider this. What company would throw caution to the wind when it comes to customer relations? To seeking better, more effective ways of servicing their customers, of pleasing their clientele? Not a company that wants to stay in business.

“Every company has a customer value proposition; it is a clear, compelling reason why customers should do business with them,” wrote Michaels, Handfield-Jones and Axelrod.

Few companies, however, extend the same mindset toward their workforce. They want, expect, and need loyal workers and committed leaders who are passionate about their jobs and consistently deliver a top-notch performance, but they aren’t supporting this concept with their overall approach to employer/employee relations.

When management gets serious about striving to protect its greatest asset- their team of employees, then the real battle to improve retention rates can begin. That’s when developing an employee value proposition will get the support it deserves, and those tough questions noted earlier will no longer be ignored.

In fact, more questions will arise, like:

  • Are we the kind of company we think we are? The kind we want to be?
  • What kind of reputation do we have among current and former employees?
  • Do people like to work here?
  • Are our employees happy?
  • Are we as interested in the needs, concerns, and opinions of our employees as we should be?

A management team that understands employee satisfaction is based on more than an attractive salary, decent benefits, and a generous vacation policy will have a fighting chance in the “war on talent”.  When a company places as much importance on employee happiness as customer/client happiness, employee retention rates can’t help but increase.

Building a happy, contented workforce is tasked to the employer. Step up and take the reins toward developing an EVP that will do just that.

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