True Productivity Always Wins

Being productive gets a lot of attention – sometimes too much. We can often feel pressure to get more done each day than we did the day before – and still achieve life balance, of course. But true productivity isn’t about being constantly busy – it’s more about wisdom and making the most of the moment – in both our personal and professional time.

Begin at the beginning: Take care of yourself

• Eat right – there are more ideas out there than people, so choose the one that fits you and follow it.
• Sleep right – the average adult requires 7 – 8 hours/night to maintain optimal health.
• Get exercise – whether you go to the gym daily, take a twenty-minute walk once/week or somewhere between these two, choose something and do it.
• Spend time with people – face-to-face time with friends and family. Children are especially good and giving us a fresh perspective
• Laugh – it really is the best medicine
• Reflect – when we make room for quiet, do nothing time, we often come up with our best ideas.
• Little things – do the small stuff that makes a big difference. Open your blinds, sing in the shower, share a hug, smile at a stranger . . . You get the picture.

Make plans
Prioritize your week, your day – when you have multiple projects facing you, your mind can quickly become overwhelmed. By prioritizing and making a plan, you can focus on one task at a time.
Choose wisely and delegate – there are some things that you must take responsibility for and do yourself, so do them, but delegate the rest. Trying to do it all means you get less accomplished – not more.
Set specific times for specific tasks – knowing when you have the most energy, physically or mentally, and choosing your tasks accordingly enables you to be more efficient.
Plan your social media time – this is a clincher. It’s too easy to waste time through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, etc. Decide what is necessary for your professional growth and designate specific parts of your day accordingly. Save the purely social for after work hours, but even then, stay in control of it – don’t let it control you.

Be willing to bend
Distractions will always come. Some need to be controlled – you don’t have to answer every phone call and check your email every twenty minutes.
• On the other hand, sometimes you need to bend with grace – your child is ill, your spouse, friend, neighbor, etc. needs your time, the boss has a crisis with a client. It’s time to make a new priority list and be willing to let something from your first list be postponed.
Take a break – no one needs to be full steam ahead 24/7. Enjoy the curves that come your way. Appreciate the scenery. Give thanks. Rest. You will get more accomplished during your work times and enjoy doing it.

Being productive means getting satisfaction out of your work and your play, out of your busy time and your rest time. Take time to make wise choices and you will enjoy a greater sense of accomplishment.

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