Be an Irresistible Company

Winning the war for talent is doable when companies recognize the most powerful tool at their fingertips. It’s not so much about offering the perfect package of compensation, vacation, and benefits as it is about engaging; making your company absolutely irresistible to the top players and everybody else as well.

Discovering the key to inspiring your employees to be fully committed to your mission, connected to your team, and intensely passionate about their role.


Make work meaningful

Create a culture, utilize strategy, and establish policies and attitudes that are designed to connect people to their positions and their team members.
• Technology is wonderful and useful for bottom-line efficiency and cost savings, but don’t neglect the value of people. Make technology your servant, not your owner.
• Place top value on your people – they are your greatest asset. Give them the tools, authority, independence, time, and support to fulfill their responsibilities.
• Give your staff purpose by allowing them creative license – a chance to put their personal stamp on their finished product – be it concrete or abstract.

Set the example at the top

Don’t overlook the importance of award-winning management. We’re not talking about the ability to create a strategy, market your company, product, and services, etc. – although they are important. We’re talking about the daily interaction that management has with staff – the methods they employ to get the nitty gritty details accomplished. Successful engagement and creating irresistibility comes from management who:
• Value their people
• Coach and support
• Inspire by setting the example
• Create simple, clear, transparent goals
• Get in the trenches
• Share the glory with their team when the mission is accomplished.

Create flexible, supportive, employee-friendly culture

The company culture cannot be given too much importance – it is the pillar that that supports meaningful work and great management. Winning culture is a talent magnet. It quickly establishes which companies sincerely value and appreciate their employees. Key components include:
• Flexibility: In workspace, work locations, and work times
• Recognition: Create an atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement. From a simple thank you, to small tangibles, too significant awards – they make a difference
• Diversity acceptance and respect
• Opportunities for growth, including training
• Talent Mobility
• Transparency
• Create a sense of purpose
In other words, make working for you so desirable that talent competes over your open positions and retention increases.

Focus on your people – on what they are seeking in a company and make your company the prize apple. Connect with Springborn Staffing. We have access to talent – candidates who want to work for companies who are irresistible. Contact us today.

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